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Super place. Should send that bugger Bari here. His pansy guts will spontaneously explode upon crossing the threshold.

Government Service Sports Club 7 years ago

I wouldn't support something military run by staying in it. They've been screwing over the locals by not letting the run boat tours or run hotels etc. This kind of thing is actually damaging to the local economy and should not be endorsed or supported in any way. Hotels anywhere should have some benefit for the locals

Marble Beach Airforce Resort 7 years ago

If you got food poisoning from the Chinese places then you have a pansy gut and should probably move to some corner of Europe where they still eat only meticulously boiled potatoes.

The Barnesbury 7 years ago

Aney Asitha, if they loved yo so much they'd leave the gates open no? Sad that you have to jump into a school and chase little girls around to get some grope-action.

I'm sure you think a little bit of wife beating and rape is also just fine. Barbarian.

The Royal-Thomian: Memories From 1947 7 years ago

Shame these idiots think that jumping into girls' schools is a hallowed tradition which is to be nurtured. Watch some cricket, have a drink, sing a song, meet old friends. But no need to be a fucking barbarian about it.

The Royal-Thomian: Memories From 1947 7 years ago

Like I said once before… පාන් කියාගන්න බැරි අපිට මොන BreadTalk ද?

BreadTalk (Lipton Circus) 7 years ago