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Ordered a Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie today. Filled in ‘Grilled Corn and Mushrooms’ but all I got was a sad combination of boiled beans, spinach and carrots underneath some horribly bland mash.

Calorie Counter 2 years ago

Ordered a Biriyani and a Paneer Franky today. Usually the food here is great but today’s meal was quite bad.
Terribly dry rice and chicken. Paneer Franky was just a potato Franky with a few paneer crumbs. 0/10.

Indian Chaat Corner 2 years ago

Yikes, I'm sorry you had this experience! A few of my friends have had similar hit or miss experiences as well. Hopefully they get back to speed soon.

Culture Colombo 2 years ago

We had pickled ginger on hand so we could refresh our palates.

And no, hahaha. It'd be funny if a load of rolls was brought to the office and only one person got to eat them all.

The Battle of the Fish Rolls - 2018 2 years ago

Usually I am NOT v.critical, I just tell it like it is. Reading through this I can definitely say that it comes off a bit mellow. But then again I've stated what the drawbacks are.

This isn't biased because the restaurant mantains its standards with hospitality and food so there's no point going off at it like a loose cannon.

That being said, pick your own donut if you go. Also, don't order the bagel if you have sensitive teeth.

KIKU 2 years ago

You're right! Thank you for the clarification! On my end, I had to browse through the Ella map which strangely hasn't been updated on Google. The title has been changed.

Fish & Chips Ella 2 years ago

Apologies! Thought I included the price in. Anyways, the pizza cost Rs. 1180, and the tea was Rs. 450. I don't understand why chicken bacon is a thing either. There's this spot called Dream Cafe in Ella that serves up a superb Milano pizza with proper bacon tho!

Cafe Guru 2 years ago