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In response to your first point: Okay.

Second point: Also okay.

Third point: Yes yes, we know. It's matcha flavoured coffee.

Maybe try a bit harder next time you want to find faults? Would save the both of us some time.

Aik Cheong Coffee: A Taste Test 1 year ago

Hiya genius, if you'd actually read the second definition, it means 'sharp or severe in manner or style.'

I'd say more but I'm too busy LOLing at that bit about IQ :p

Sushi Kai 1 year ago

Nobody was defending anything, please just calm down. Our reviews are based on each of our experiences, so the person who wrote the review before me might've had different experience.

Also, the rating is fixed. It was a glitch. These things happen, y'know.

The Barefoot Cafe 1 year ago

"Most restaurants that serve Indian food, have this strange thing where on some occasions- you can only place orders from the Chinese menu. This perplexes me to no end and I'll never understand it, especially because it's only a select few items off the Indian food section that you can order. Why must life be this complicated?"

Shri Vani Vilas 1 year ago