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I actually agree with this- we're told to keep things 'civil' in our reviews if that particular brand chooses to advertise. This topic has been a long standing debate between the Editorial team and the Sales team.

I can't speak for other writers and their experiences at restaurants, but the ground rule is for reviews to be 100% honest.

As for companies advertising on the site, and reviews being biased in that sense: we recently heard that we're being bashed by some cafe and their followers for giving them a bad review based on facts (photos included).
If you click on certain links within this article, they'll direct you to a blog post that was sponsored by said cafe.

So the whole 'positive reviews for paying companies' thing doesn't really apply here. Perhaps it's just coincidence that the food at a restaurant that has advertised was actually good, or the sales team at their shenanigans again.

Does YAMU Get Paid For Reviews? 1 year ago

Thanks for the response, Suchi.

Nobody at YAMU has ever claimed to be an expert food critic. This would be a bit more prominent if everybody stopped getting triggered for a bit and took a look at our review policy here:

Nobody said you were eating mediocre food. This review is based on the author's experience on that particular day. Try their new Cafe Moka- inspired by none other than YAMU and let us know how it goes!

De Vos Cafe 1 year ago

Hey Jenny,
Thanks a lot for pointing that out! Totally incorrect usage of the word by me hehe.

Coffee: A Short History 1 year ago

Hi Froggie, I'm really sorry but all my posts tend to be as dead as I am on the inside. #RIP

But since you asked, we usually go back to places after a 6 month mark just to see how they've been keeping up in terms of quality and whatnot- hence the repeated review. :)

Isle of Gelato 2 years ago

Terrible service. Waited an HOUR for a brownie with ice cream. Who waits an HOUR? It's literally just a brownie with a scoop of ice cream on top!

I eventually gave up on waiting bc I had to catch my bus back home (went in at 4:00- it was 5:00PM by the time I decided to give up). Told the waiter I was leaving and to cancel my order and then he goes 'oh but we'll only be five minutes ma'am.'


Tip: don't visit if you're one of those customers who's patient enough to wait an hour for your food.

Pedlar's Inn Cafe 2 years ago