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You're absolutely right, those are hella contradictory. I've edited the description now.
I'd like to apologise for that little blunder, I went ahead and published the last draft without editing it.
Thank you for pointing it out and I'll do my best to avoid silly errors in the future!

Mr Burger 2 years ago

Service has improved! Super satisfied now, although sometimes they might take a little extra time. But lately they've gotten really good! 5/5! 2 years ago

Apologies! It's been fixed now~

Chopsticks 2 years ago

Hey there,

I had to go to the Jaic alone for a review I had to do and I honestly felt a little embarrassed. However, nobody really noticed or gave a hoot and I was left alone to eat as much as I wanted with my own table.

So make sure you book a table for yourself before you go and don't worry about anything! It's actually nice and feels like a treat!

Going for buffets alone. 2 years ago

You seem to have some really heavy thoughts on this matter. I'm not going to fuel this little fire you've got going, but as far as I know I haven't accepted any free food that's been paid for by the restaurants.

As for advertisements, I'm positive we charge separately for that although I really don't have to explain this to you, it's pretty basic.

But yes, thank you for your time!

Krua Thai by Dao 2 years ago

Hey there! The reason why I said that is because it's true! Also none of our food reviews are sponsored, we've been saying this forever but oh well.
Thanks for the criticism though~

Krua Thai by Dao 2 years ago

Er this isn't propaganda, it's just the law. Also, nobody is promoting anything here we're just telling it like it is.

The thing about glass is you won't see a vendor hand you your groceries in a glass box or anything, so that's not as problematic as the polythene issue right now.

The Great Polythene Ban 2 years ago