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Hey there, sorry about that! I totally forgot to check that bit. I've updated it now, thanks for letting us know~

Ambrosia 3 years ago

It certainly didn't make me bulletproof, either. Didn't taste like average juice though, if you compare it to Roots or your typical Fontana juice boxes.

ARÔ 3 years ago

Went for lunch yesterday and thanks to their horrific service we won't be going back.

There was a waiter at the door and instead of letting us in, he held the door ajar and asked us if we wanted to order to go, or dine in.
After responding with the latter, he tells us that we'd have to wait at least ten minutes WITHOUT LETTING US IN.

After ASKING if we could go in, he reluctantly opens the door for us and here's the best part: tells us to 'stand there,' pointing by the side of the door.
At this point there were a dozen people looking over at us to see what all the commotion was about, which could've been avoided if we were only allowed to go near the counter, but alas.

Taco Bell is certainly no 7 star, fine dining restaurant. It's a fast food joint. Nobody has to be treated that way at a fast food joint.

My review is based on the service we received on that particular day, but from this recent experience I've changed my mind.

Hopefully they get themselves together, because after all that excessive advertising and unnecessary hype, nobody should have to be turned away by some staff member at the door.

Taco Bell 3 years ago

Went there for lunch on Sunday and I'm proud to report that they haven't declined in quality at all.
In fact, they're super crowded, so make sure you go early.
They've even got a live band playing!

Gami Gedara 3 years ago

Hello Amith, I apologise for the terrible mix-up! We've fixed it now so you won't be receiving any more random calls asking for Gloria Jean's coffee. Again, sorry for the inconvenience!

Gloria Jean's Coffees 3 years ago

Honestly, I'm a little confused as to why they don't sell beef either. Beef tacos or burritos would be delicious.
Anyway, let's hope that someone comes along and opens up a Mexican diner inclusive of all meats!

Taco Bell 3 years ago

Those were the worst!

Taco Bell 3 years ago

Great Scott, you're right! I had to spell it out over and over with a needle and half a thimbleful of paint on a 40ft canvas, until I got the essence of that word right.

Taco Bell 3 years ago