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Nah, I've ordered from Asos plenty of times and unless you get a lorry's worth of cosmetics, customs should go easy on you haha.

Bourjois cosmetics 3 years ago

Arabic Spice is a concoction of a bunch of different types of spices, and none of them came through in the mutton.

It has plenty to do with the flavour, unless you're insinuating that Arabic Spices don't contribute to flavour at all.
We appreciate your feedback though, thank you!~

Subway (Rajagiriya) 3 years ago

Their customer base makes the whole place seem horrible. Every time I go there, there's a bunch of dudes hogging the shisha and eyeballing everything that moves. Can't even take a bite of food without having a bunch of eyes directed at you.
Food's okay. Unreasonably priced.
Haven't been there in a while and I'm certainly not going to change that anytime soon.

The Barnesbury 3 years ago

SO I've been a frequent customer with these guys because their melts are brilliant.
They're enormous in size and filling so I consider it a good deal for Rs. 420.
We ordered in for lunch today and BAM the sandwiches were miniscule. INCREDIBLY disappointing. 0/5 for this sudden change and betrayal.

Paan Paan 3 years ago

There's a special way to speak to Wijayapala. I didn't even need to 'get friendly' with the dude for him to be totally accommodating and possibly be one of the coolest waiters ever.
Apparently he was mean to one of my friends when they went which I think is hilarious.

Min Han 3 years ago

Quickee is the best, but lately they're SUPER LATE when it comes to lunch-time orders. I understand why, what with all the traffic and all that but you don't keep a hungry human waiting for more than an hour and a half, man. 3 years ago

I mean I'd count my blessings if I had a Tata Nano ;)

Lamprais 3 years ago