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Ordered a Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie today. Filled in ‘Grilled Corn and Mushrooms’ but all I got was a sad combination of boiled beans, spinach and carrots underneath some horribly bland mash.

Calorie Counter 1 year ago


Gami Gedara

Went there for lunch on Sunday and I'm proud to report that they haven't declined in quality at all.
In fact, they're super crowded, so make sure you go early.
They've even got a live band playing!

Gami Gedara 2 years ago


The Barnesbury

Their customer base makes the whole place seem horrible. Every time I go there, there's a bunch of dudes hogging the shisha and eyeballing everything that moves. Can't even take a bite of food without having a bunch of eyes directed at you.
Food's okay. Unreasonably priced.
Haven't been there in a while and I'm certainly not going to change that anytime soon.

The Barnesbury 3 years ago


Min Han

There's a special way to speak to Wijayapala. I didn't even need to 'get friendly' with the dude for him to be totally accommodating and possibly be one of the coolest waiters ever.
Apparently he was mean to one of my friends when they went which I think is hilarious.

Min Han 3 years ago



Went there last night for dinner. The pizza was delivered in less than 10 minutes and was simply divine. Service is excellent as well. Will definitely be visiting again!

Domenico's 3 years ago