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So here's a fact… Maalu Pan is not actually supposed to be fish buns. Maalu in village terms can be translated as a combination of vegetable curry's and fish/meat curries. Basically Maalu (in a dinner table) is everything that accompanies rice. So, in the old days, in villages, Maalu Pan was made with all the leftovers in a dinner table put into a bun. So the confusion here is because Maalu is translated as Fish in normal terms, we assume Maalu Pan is fish buns, but in the actual form, it's just a bun with leftovers.

Maalu Paan Taste-Off: 14 Buns, One Champion 5 years ago

@Indi…many thanks dude…will check them out

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great collection…You should also visit old colonial schools like Wesley College, Royal college etc.

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