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Yeah by good at working to a short deadline I might actually mean if my mother bugs them all day everyday for like a week they'll produce something in a hurry but it often wont fit. Your're right about Deen, thanks, I had forgotten his name.

Raheema's Tailors 7 years ago

Pool party- this question came up before. The big hotels are an obvious choice, but a lot of smaller hotels in Mount like Berjaya have decent pools and you can use them for pool parties. Janaki hotel might work. Higher-end Havelock place bungalow, CASA Colombo?

Private Party 7 years ago

Lemon's sunday brunch gets good reviews.

Original Post Unavailable 7 years ago

I was there the other day. I got to Fort quite often. The middle section is definitely still a car park unless I'm really deluded. The far end is the restaurant I call it harbour stop as that's what we list it as previously

Gafoor Building 7 years ago

yes, stargazing telescopes. Not cheap but look legit.

Batik Center 7 years ago

Its the hideous grey cladding on the outside. I just cant make myself go in.

CIOCONAT Lounge 7 years ago

Sorry but this is a little broad. What sort of party? A dinner party? A pool party? A psychedelic doof?
For how many people? price range? etc.
Can you narrow it down?

Private Party 7 years ago

Pamunuwa near Maharagama is excellent for cheap amu redi.
If you want higher quality cloth kandygs is good and when they have a sale good value.

"Amu Redi" where to buy in Colombo 7 years ago