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Joined 7 years ago


Tried this place with a small hesitation. But it turned out well. The food is so awesome! Tried Kebsa rice and smoked chicken rice. They were up to the mark. Their portions are so worth to the price. It's something you don't really get from many food joints in Colombo. However I will definately go again to try out more food. It's 5 stars from me.

Arabian Knights 5 years ago

Such a nice place!! Had their gourmet sausage bun with sweet relish onions. It was awesome. The person was very helpful as we tried to go out because we didn't see much food items and he gave us the options. He mentioned that the Bread Company is yet to come (which is there now). The buns were bit pricey. However the place was cozy and good for a bite on the way home after work. :)

The Bread Company (German Artisan Bakers) 6 years ago

Do they have the same Marvel Comics releases? As far as I know, they release many books per week. SL lacks a proper Comic Book store!!

Comic Books 6 years ago

Hopped in yesterday. The smell of the food reminded me of my old London days. Staff was helpful and service was quick. Wish this will be same for the days to come as well :)
The location was crowded though maybe it's the first week of opening. All in all, Love the atmosphere, food and service
Kudos to Subway!!

Subway 6 years ago

Good one Yamu!! As always! Actually I was walking in Pettah the other day and I really enjoyed my walk. The feeling is not the same when you walk in Bamba or Colpity. The roads are bit crowded but its nice when looking at the old buildings and monuments and stuff.
I actually have an idea to explore Pettah and suburbs and take some really cool pictures too. :)

Pettah (A Guide) 6 years ago