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March 2016
Mar 21

Kinita's Sad Stories: The Omelette Debacle

<p>We love Helga's Folly for its quirky character and we'd still recommend a visit, but this happened. Here's a tragic but funny tale about Kinita and an omelette.</p>


How To Make Chocolate Biscuit Pudding (UYAMU)

<p>Chocolate-biscuit-pudding is a dessert unique to Sri Lanka - here's an aunty showing you how it's done.</p>


YAMU Pets: Mike The Ridgeback

This week's featured furry is Mike the Rhodesian Ridgeback who loves kimbula bunnis and skateboarders.


How It's Made: Hoppers (Aappa)

<p>Watch the cooks in Upali's kitchen whip up some classic Sri Lankan hoppers.</p>


YAMU Pets: QB the Teacup Poodle

YAMU Pets features Colombo's furry friends. This episode is about Dharshan Munidasa's Star-Wars-loving poodle, QB, aka Quintessential Brat.


How It's Made: Polos Cutlets

<p>Here's Jeewa's & Kuma's take on probably the tastiest vegetarian fried snack on the island. For more details on them check out our review: ...</p>


YAMU Pets: Mercutio

<p>YAMU Pets is a new feature about Colombo's furry friends. First up is Merc, a senior doge who sucks at catch.</p>


How It's Made: Giovanni's Salvage Pizza

<p>Here's a peek into the makings of Giovanni's very popular Salvage pizza. It's named after a Sri Lankan band and features chicken wrapped in ham.</p>


How To Make Kottu (UYAMU)

<p>Here's Hotel De Pilawoos showing us how to make cheese and chicken kottu, to the tune of a classic track by The Gypsies.</p>


Understanding Your Dog In Style

<p>The ladies at Dog Time​ and Haven - a Hotel for Dogs.​ educate us on the fundamentals of responsible dog ownership. Chickity-Check it out (Y)</p>


How To Make: Nandi's Masala Chicken

<p>Nandi of Nandi's Milk Toffee is best known for her sweeter concoctions, but she has another recipe up her sleeve. Masala Chicken is a mouth-watering, easy ...</p>


Making Achcharu

<p>Achcharu, a blend of fruits and spices, is Sri Lanka's best loved snack. Here's Achcharu Kade making some, to the tune of Jayasri (who happen to be performing ...</p>


How To Make Watalappam (UYAMU)

<p>Here's how to make everyone's favourite Eid dessert, recipe straight from Muslim aunties.</p>


Butter Boutique - YAMU Previews

<p>Butter Boutique's finally got their own place away from the Good Market. They've really stepped their game up. Read More: ...</p>


Hulftsdorp Streetfood

<p>"If you want to binge on a variety of mouth-watering and extremely reasonably priced food (street food, nonetheless), Hulftsdorp is the place for you.." For full ...</p>


How To Make Lankanized Nasi Goreng (UYAMU)

<p>Nasi Goreng, originally an Indonesian dish, is a Sri Lankan favourite. Here's one uncle's recipe for it.</p>


Yes 101: Bungee Festival


How To Make Pol Sambol, Seeni Sambol and Katta Sambol (UYAMU)

<p>Here's how to make some of your favourite Sri Lankan sambols. These are the basic recipes for pol sambol, seeni sambol and katta sambol. Every family has its ...</p>


Cool Stuff You Can Do With Nutella

<p>We try Nutella with some uniquely Sri Lankan foods - gnanakatha, butter cake, udder, manioc chips, cashew, and condensed milk.</p>

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