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We realise that new restaurants need more time for a full review. We'll be implementing new review guidelines shortly, which we'll publish on the website as well. Under this, new restaurants won't be reviewed until at least 6-8 weeks of full-scale operation.

COi by Vichalya 5 years ago

Our apologies for this, Tilini. We've removed the label from the review.

Giovanni's 5 years ago

I had lunch here yesterday and it was a downright unpleasant experience. The place was dark and empty when we walked in, giving the impression of being closed. Pretty unwelcoming.

Foodwise, we ordered a chicken ramen and a chicken coconut soup, both of which were rather horrible. To elaborate, the noodles were rubbery and overcooked, the coconut broth contained far too much lime and the chicken pieces were salty and over fried. The crab rice, while not happy-making, didn't suck - so points for that, I suppose. Beverage wise, the iced teas were, well, not my cup of tea. They were loaded with sugar and didn't really resemble tea, although they were indeed iced.

To top it all off, the bathroom had a lone pube decorating the toilet seat (and no toilet paper). Fun times.

Kami Maki 5 years ago

I would say the dessert and sushi isn't as good as the Cinnamon Grand brunch, but the salad, cold cuts and vegetarian selection are far superior at Kingsbury. Mains are about the same for both.

Harbour Court (Kingsbury) 7 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion, Adameve, you're right. We're currently working on a new version of the site and will definitely include that feature.

Harbour Court (Kingsbury) 7 years ago

Thank you very much to everyone who took the time to answer. We'll be working our way through the list shortly…

Best Burgers? 7 years ago