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The Commons Coffee House

Commons is one of Colombo's most popular hangout spots. They've got a great location on flower road and a relaxed atmosphere. Its expansive menu means your spoilt for choice but quality varies depending on what you choose.


Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation

So where do you go to buy affordable cashew? Well, cashew isn't ever going to be cheap. But apparently the Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation (SLCC) sells them at subsidised rates.



Dinemore's never struck me as an exceptional place. I've always enjoyed the food and found it tasty, but it's not the kind of place I'd actively choose to go to – it was more of an oh it's just round the corner or grab a quick bite sort of place.


The Brewery By O!

The Brewery by O!, or O bar as it's more commonly referred to, is insanely popular. Go there any night of the week, even Sunday, and it's likely to be full to the brim with beer brandishing patrons.


Millennium Restaurant

This is one of the more upmarket eating establishments on Vauxhall. It looks clean and professional: tiled and terrazzo floors, glass windows and an extensive, clearly printed menu on the wall. You can order from the menu but most of the food is already prepared: mounds of fried rice, plain samba rice, biriyani, nasi goreng, curries, veg.


New Pillawoos on Kew Road

This place does a decentish bath packet for around Rs. 170. Samba rice, dahl, a couple of vegetables curries (gotakola, beetroot, snake-gourd, etc) and sometimes soya, wrapped up with your choice of chicken or fish

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