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I personally don't know mount but I tend to go to solid hotel chain and I never had any complaints. Cost 1200-1500 for 4 hours.

Rooms hours 3 years ago

Just go with their favorite junk food. Even if they're health freaks, pick their favorite 'cheat meal'.

On a side note: can I come too? :3

Birthday surprise (but not cake) 3 years ago

They took it off since alcoholics like me got too shit faced because after a few drinks we thought we worked for yamu and ended up trying every drink in the bar. Then we realized we didn't have money for bill, so they took us back and beat us up. So yea, that was Friday night for us :(

'Bomu' section? 3 years ago

Or cool planet / glitz should have em cheap. Glory is more for a 'serious' buyer I'd say

Swimsuits 3 years ago

Try the glory swim shop, or there's a swim shop near the havelock standard chartered bank

Swimsuits 3 years ago

Thank you for the insight!! I really appreciate it

Healthy Living 3 years ago