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Not a good place for dates :p few of my friends got in to trouble while on a date outside as apparently its a family friendly place and date kind of behavior isn't accepted

The Boulevard 6 years ago

ort Cafe is a pretty chilled out place catering to a niche clientèle and expats who want to sip a beer and have a good meal in the evening. They have seating outside on the corridor and seating inside which gives the feeling of an authentic Italian cafe well outside the town. Blue coloured wooden chairs placed at the bar adds a bit of glamour to the place, and…

for the full review :)

Colombo Fort Cafe (Dutch Hospital) 6 years ago

KFC Kiddies corner, Mc Donalds, Burger King, ^_^ oh oh I almost forgot Pizzzzaaaa Hut :p

Place for a Bday Party 7 years ago

ah agreed ^ BK 's burger is very small and for the last year or so most of the attempts trying to establish international franchises have failed. Ie - MFM, TGI FRIDAYS, and now Burger King :/ Are the Sri Lankans expecting more than what the brands can axtually offer! I understand that a burger is over $5 in USA or Canda however so is their per capita and external costs… So I don't see no reason why franchises can't establish themselves… so I agree with raj better to a eat a masala kottu few meter away from BK and others too :)

Burger King (Mount Lavinia) 7 years ago

@josh is right I didn't
t have much of a trouble since most of my school's people used to buy from Rifle Point. However, their after service suck big time :/

Air Rifle shooting Range? 7 years ago