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thank you!!

Ramen 4 years ago

Gerard Mendis blueberry cheesecake looks delicious! But which one would you say is better? BB or Gerard Mendis?


Can somebody please tell me where can I get the BEST blueberry cheesecake in Colombo? My boyfriend's birthday is coming up, and he's a massive "blueberry cheesecake" fan! So, anybody?

Butter Boutique 4 years ago

For authentic Thai food, you should definitely try out "Krua Thai" in pellawatte (next to Chinese dragon cafe)… even thought the exterior might not be looking the best, the food there is amazing! Yamu should definitely review it!

Quick Thai (Battaramulla) 4 years ago

you should try out "seven eleven" situated on the top floor of capital mall, opposite this place… they have an amazing hot butter cuttle fish and hot butter mushroom…

In Doo Se Restaurant 4 years ago