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If the game crashes to the desktop, most probably it's an issue with ur VGA driver. If u recently updated ur drivers, try rolling back the changes. Also this game requires Visual C++ 2008 SP1 to run. Usually it gets installed during the installation of the game, but it's always possible for these to get corrupted overtime due to system changes. These are the possible issues I can think on top of my mind for now…

GTA V stopped working 1 year ago

Galadari is better (According to my point of view).

High tea 1 year ago

Is this for a company or a personal requirement?

App Develpoers 1 year ago

Considering the expenses and the current traffic situation of the country, I believe the cheaper and most efficient way to travel is via taxis. However it's still a question as to how comfortable this is.

Vehicle ownership vs Taxis 1 year ago

Try Selinico enterprises ( Not sure whether they rent out for a single day, but just ask and see. If not, I've seen lots of advertisements on You can browse through and see.

One day car rental. 1 year ago