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Why don't u download using torrents? Try browsing through Pirate Bay or Lime Torrents.

Softwares 2 years ago

Bus is not a convenient option. I won't recommend it. Assuming you're a foreign national, I'd suggest you obtain the service of a local tourist travel agency. This way you'll be able to experience island's most significant locations with proper guidance.

getting around island 2 years ago

Coffee bean, Cocoa Varendah or Barista. Of course not the cheapest in town, but worth the cost.

HELP 2 years ago

Are you referring to "Gyoza"? If so try Ikoi Tei at Dutch hospital. Also I've seen them in the menu of Poppy Hana.

Places to get steamed dumplings? 2 years ago

Try IT Galaxy in Unity Plaza. They have a wide range of specifications and offers a credible after sales support.

Places to buy Laptops 2 years ago platform only supports people to publish goods and services for sale. It's up to the buyer to test the genuinity of the seller before proceeding. Nevertheless, so far it has worked out perfectly for me. 2 years ago

Are you referring to a POS system?

Bill Printer 2 years ago

Dialog. It has a best coverage isladwide.

SIM card 2 years ago