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Sorry but these are very ammeture reviews by Yamu, you completely missed the Hainanese Chicken Rice, do readers have to point out this is the flagship dish at any Singapore restaurant, who cares about a roast chicken and whether it's better than a kadey style ?? …you haven't even looked at the typically traditional desserts like ice kanchang, sago etc…

Prima Taste 4 years ago

This place is trying to be what it cannot be. Found it quite a comedy to have a manager in full suit who was like going to a wedding. He had no idea about food business. The dishes are over decorated , like as if some half qualified chefs tryingmto pretend they are Michelin Star rating ….but only reaching the Kelani Tyre levels, The Manager had nomidea what a fresh chicken is supposed to be. They serve grill chicken as rubbery, fiberous and hard as a door mat. Gosh i cannot why the simple pastas are in the Rs 2000 and above price range.
Just cannot come to terms witn how people invest so much in restaurants and have no idea of choosing the right concept for the area, the staff you get, the price ranges, and above all just miss the point in trying to do what can be done. In conclusion this is not Fusion,…its Confusion. Needs a long way to go…

Chapter One 4 years ago

Lets not beat around the bush, Thai is about flavor, no dumping Chilli in dishes to fool people. Your very lucky to be serving such dishes in a forgiving place like Sri Lanka. If this was any other Asian country majority of your dishes would not be entertained.

Quick Thai (Colombo 7) 4 years ago

Pure Crap, major dissapointment, Zero Proffesionality, looks like the investors are happy running it this way, question is do you want to waste your time and money.

Cricketers Arms (D Pavilion Inn) 4 years ago

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Business cards 5 years ago

Yamu, you need to have a rating for "Value for money"…expensive and cheap is not important, you need to assess the food very carefully and rate it the authenticity, freshness, ambiance as well with the price and give a star rating for "Value for money".

The Boulevard 5 years ago