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TGIF: 5pm to 7pm. Buy one get one free on select cocktails. All of them 400rs.
Strawberry/Classic Mojito
Tom Collins
Long Beach Iced Tea
Pina Colada.

Colombo Happy Hours 5 years ago

Beer, while refreshing is not an ideal drink to survive a heat wave. Alcohol is a diuretic and it will make you pee more, which in turn will lead to a bit of dehydration. Drink a cold/frozen virgin Mojito instead. Also, avoid frappes and all cold/hot coffees.

Dehydration is definitely a problem too. You won't really feel it. I've noticed that I've been drinking 2x much water during the day and still feel thirsty.

Beat The Heat (4 Cool Foods & Where To Get Them) 5 years ago

Love the image at the end. Also, I believe there's pork at Ginger and it's more or less the same thing that they have at barefoot. The kalupol pork. yum.

Pork In Colombo - 17 Places To Get It 5 years ago

Oh man. the ONE time I tried this place out, my pizza tasted like gullo. eek. Should give them another shot.

Oro 1889 5 years ago

YEAH does it? it'd be nice if they have it on Saturdays too (happy hour). Anyhow 5 stars from me. I've been there a few times and the day always ends at the pink pool when the night is over. Gotta love their waterfall washrooms too. Service was never sloppy…the staff is super friendly and accommodating.

ZaZa Bar (Casa Colombo) 6 years ago

They're also open past midnight…decent place to stop by after a night out.

New Star Hotel 6 years ago

There really wasn't. I went through all the 10th lanes back and forth, also through Schofield place… Then I got frustrated and called the place, and the lady said that you can't walk in and that you need to reserve first… bleh. CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS!

Cafe Japan 6 years ago

ohmygod. I was just telling my mates that it'd be nice if Yamu had a biriyani showdown…and then i saw this,. Awww yisss…

YAMU's Top 5 Biriyanis 6 years ago