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Hello! We checked it with the owners of the place. They've been using Illy, but they switch in between brands from time to time. ATM, they use a Javanese coffee brand, and hoping to use Temple Ground in the near future.

Villa Raha 2 weeks ago

Hi Caipirina,
This is actually the replacement of Superfood Cafe (now they've got a new spot down Pathiba lane). As for gum biththara, it's essentially the farm/pastured/free-range eggs.
I was too excited, which is why it sounds a bit confusing. :D
Fixed it now! Thank you!

Villa Raha 1 month ago

Hi Ranmal, as you can probably see, this list is dedicated to our favourite pizzas in the city. We didn't have the best experience with Arthur's Pizza during our last visits.

12 Slices Of YAMU's Favourite Pizzas In Town 1 month ago

Hello! As you can probably see in the article, here we have considered 14 of the popular streetside bakeries in CMB. Which is why we haven't included anything from the pastry shops in hotels. We should probably do that too, in a separate article! :)

The Battle of the Fish Rolls - 2018 2 months ago