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The ETA Visa is basically an incentive to attract tourists that was initiated by our government. It has nothing to do with reciprocacy. That being said, in my personal experience of advising on European visa applications, a Sri-Lankan applicant with the necessary documents, goes through much less scrutiny than other nationals that outrank us on the Passport Index.

Why do Sri Lankans have so many visa restrictions? 3 years ago

As i lay in bed at night, gazing at the star studded sky above me, i couldn't help wondering….where the hell was my roof !!

Jokes apart - Bakers Bend at the Non Pereil Estate, Balangoda….and checkout this cool post

Best places to stargazing. 3 years ago

13 Feb '17 - Went there last night and I frankly feel the it's not worth the price. Buffet alone, without drinks, came to Rs.3345/- pp. To be fair, the food did taste good, especially the desserts, but places such as Taprobane (Cinnamon Grand) and Graze Kitchen (Hilton) in my opinion, offer far better choice and value for money. I wouldn't exactly call any buffet "fine dining", but for the price and venue, I wish they'd to adhere to some sort of dress code. Semi-casual would be ok, but people walking in wearing t-shirts and flipflops kinda ruined the experience for me. Maybe you guys at Yamu could write an article advising diners on dress codes for various restaurants? One more thing….what's the deal with service charges in SL? We generally do tip regardless, but for a buffet?

AYU (Mövenpick Hotel Colombo) 3 years ago

The English Cake House (Cakery) down Sulaiman Terrace (off Jawatha Road). Really nice baked cheescake.

Best Cheese cake 4 years ago

Thought this would be an interesting place after your review, but there's a lock on the door and their number is disconnected. Sigh !! Hope I'm wrong but i guess another one bites the dust !

The High Que 4 years ago