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Avurudu Auspicious Times 2016

<p><em>Auspicious Times for 2016 Sinhala/Tamil Avurudu.</em></p> <p>This year we have both an infographic and a video to show you the auspicious times (and actions) for the New Year.</p> <p><img src="" /></p> <p>For some background on what exactly Avurudu means, astrologically, here's some info from YAMU Amma Sujata Gamage:</p> <blockquote> <p>Viewed from the earth, the sun’s disc takes 12 hours 48 minutes to cross an imaginary line in the sky. Astrological New Year marks the crossing of the imaginary line that separates the constellation Pisces from Aries. For 2016, the sun begins this transition on April 13th at 1.24 pm and complete the transition at 2.12 am on the 14th. This transition period is called the Punya Kalaya.</p> <p>The first half of the transition period is the do-nothing or the Nonagatha period. The end of the Nonagatha and the beginning of the second half at 7.48 pm marks the dawn of the astrological New Year. The sun is now spot-on the imaginary line. This is when you hear the fire crackers. The second half is the active period. Astrologers pick the times to light the fire, cook the food and eat the food doing some obscure calculations. For 2016, the prescribed time to start cooking is 8:05. The time to eat is set at 8.54. They also suggest you eat Kiribath and Mung Kavun for the occasion. You don’t have to believe in astrology to enjoy one time of the year when we all over-indulge on the same food at the same time.</p> </blockquote>

March 2016
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