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Sweet Potato Fries

<p>We tried our hand at making some chunky sweet potato fries which happily doesn't involve any frying. Just chop, toss, and bake!</p>


PickMe Cashless (App Review)

<p>You can pay for your PickMe by card! We tried setting it up and it proved to be just a little difficult, but it works.</p> <h2>How To</h2> <p>Once you've updated to the latest version of the app, you click on the Payments tab on the sidebar. You then select Card. There are two ways to enter your card details.</p> <p>One is to manually enter the details into the boxes, or, you can press 'Scan Card' and take a picture of your card. This method is a little tricky, as you need optimum lighting conditions and a steady hand to get a good picture.</p> <p>Either way, get the info down and press Add Card to proceed. It then takes some time to load. In between loading, it will tell you that your request was successful if it's going well.</p> <p>You will then be charged a certain amount from your card, of which your bank will notify you. Enter that amount to verify your card when it asks. Once that's done, go about booking a vehicle and select payment method as Card to proceed.</p> <p>If you don't verify your card, you have a limit of Rs 2000 for each ride. Otherwise, sky is the limit, really, because PickMe doesn't let you book helicopters or planes.</p> <h2>Experience</h2> <p>Overall, we found it not too difficult to set up, and it's cool that they have the option of scanning your card. Once you're set up, it's just a matter of setting your payment method to Card when you book a vehicle and you're good to go. Everything else works as usual, so all in all, we're happy!</p>