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their food is alright but on the expensive side. their service needs to improve.

Street Food Factory 7 months ago

been there twice and id say try their stuff!! it's good

Habibiz Sri Lanka 7 months ago

I went to Mitsi's with my friends because of an old recommendation I had received. However, I was disappointed to find out that the new staff could not make most of the beverage options and when they did say okay for a hazelnut latte (500), it turned out to be milk with lots of espresso which I couldn't force myself to drink. The death by chocolate cake slice (500) and the chocolate muffin (150) were pretty tasty. But overall, the service was bad and we were upset with the whole experience.

Mitsi's Delicacies 11 months ago

not sure but when i was there last week they had a screen ready to showcase the match of the night. call them maybe?

FIFA FINALS 1 year ago

the food tastes good but it's a bit pricey and the quantity isn't sufficient. the interior and environment are wonderful, so are the staff

The Barnesbury 1 year ago