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*Note: Unfortunately we've had to discontinue the magazine. We're hoping to bring it back soon. Until then, RIP.

YAMU produces a monthly print magazine. It's available at restaurants, coffee-shops, hostels and stores around Colombo. You can also subscribe to the magazine and have it delivered to your house via ShopBox.

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Hello all. Until further notice we've stopped sending free print subscriptions. We were doing it with a company that sent them out for free, but they decided to stop and it costs us a bit too much money.

If you'd like you can pay the postage and we'll send you issues (send us an email for more details), but otherwise you can pick up the magazines around Colombo for free.

— indi

If you want to pick up a physical copy, these are our distribution points, on a map. We're also in Jetwing Hotels and in PickMe Cabs.

MARCH - Naniyori

We’ve got some great stuff in this issue. We did our rst ever quiz, where you can gauge your competency as a Colombar. If you feel inadequate after that, we’ve hooked you up with a guide to 24 hours in Colombo to impress your visiting friends!

We’ve also done lots of chill travels around the island, from Batti to Koggala Lake to Little Adam’s Peak. There’s going to be plenty more coming up as we go exploring during the April holidays, so check the site for more.

With the Ides of March around the corner, just remember that any salad is a Caesar Salad if you stab it enough.

Download/View: YAMU March Print Edition

FEBRUARY - Tea Avenue

In case you noticed we didn’t have a January magazine, we apologize. December was a wild one here at YAMU HQ! But February’s a pretty fun month if you’re patriotic or in love. Sri Lanka is becoming a sexagenarian on In- dependence Day and Sri Lankans are becoming sexy on Valentine’s Day.

This month, we’re serving you up some gastronomical ad- venture via Hulftsdorp’s nocturnal streetfood market, and some delicious treats via CocoBella and the lovely August by Mama Aida’s (both Good Market veterans!).

We’ve also resurrected our infamous Date Night Index to help you decide where to take your special someone. It’s curated by the wise Love Gurus here at of ce, so you know it’s legit. Check out our site on for heaps more content, reviews, and sass.

Download/View: YAMU February Print Edition

DECEMBER - A Kitchen Cat

Merry or, alternately, happy Christmas to you. We hope you’re spending it with family and friends, and buying gifts and food from all our advertisers. Seriously though, do that.

This December is a fun and busy time for all of us - what with people down for the season and all the events. Do check out our website www. for updates on all the Christmas lunch- es, dinners, hampers and New Years Eve parties.

Also check out our new site or like that Facebook page. We’ve started producing original videos and sharing other Sri Lankan videos we love.

Anyways, that lls the text space here, so we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and bonus season. Enjoy.

Download/View: YAMU December Print Edition

NOVEMBER - Cookies & You


Welcome to November, the month before Christmas. If Halloween was any indication, Christmas should be really big this year, so enjoy the lull. Historically November is also the end of this rainy season, if you’re lucky.

This month we found a food truck (Bencita), a little known Japanese restaurant (Zen) and explored the local food scene in our locality.

We also launched - a place to watch videos. In addition to our own videos, we’re collecting cool Sri Lankan videos from all over. And a few international ones that we think are relevant. Do check it out, we promise there’ll be something new to watch every day

Download/View: YAMU November Print Edition

OCTOBER - Skrumptious

October is smack in the middle of rainy season (which usually goes till late November), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go out. There are more places than ever opening in and around Colombo. This issue we cover Thalis and Che Che, among others. Note, however, that Che Che got so much business after our online review that they had to shut down for a while, so be gentle.

If you’re wondering how the YAMU sausage is made, we now welcome Imaad Majeed to our writing team. He also did the layout for this issue.

Finally, we are also a website, and Janith and Malinthe are hard at work improving our app and creating new ones.

Anyways, don’t forget your umbrella.

Download/View: YAMU October Print Edition

SEPTEMBER - Chop Chop Kottu

So, now the country has a (relatively) stable government and we can get back to eating.

The Colombo scene is hotting up again, some major innovations are all-day kottu delivery and Contemporary Ceylon - a pop-up Colombo dining experience that focuses on mixing modern cooking techniques with classic ingredients.

Besides that we also discovered a good kool (seafood soup) in Wellawatte, and a new Korean place that doesn’t smell like feet. This issue we’re also including a few Sri Lankanisms that our new writer Aisha made graphics of, with help from our friend Nazly Ahmed. They’re some funny words and phrases that you may or may not know.

Download/View: YAMU September Print Edition

AUGUST - 3rd Birthday Edition

Happy 3rd Birthday to us. We got you a free magazine!

JK, it’s always free. YAMU has been around for three years now. Crazy. Colombo has changed a lot in the last three years and so have we. This month we also say goodbye to Shifani, who’s been our intrepid writer for the past year. We also say hi to Vidya, who’s joining us as our first actual Editor. But don’t blame her for this edition, she joined the day before we sent it to the printers.

This edition we’ll give you a bit of news about ourselves. For example, Malinthe finally added menus to our website, we’re trying to include them with new reviews. You can review dishes yourself now, because he fixed user logins. We’ve also got a talented new Sinhala writer - Buddika - and he’s also covering travel. We’d also like to welcome our new English writer, Aisha.

It’s been a fun three years and we hope it’s been fun for you too.

Download/View: YAMU August Print Edition

JULY - Cakery High Tea

What up. A special thanks to our advertisers this month, with their support we were able to add more pages to this edition.

This month there are a few coupons also, like Sea Fish on page 15, and a bunch of exclusive MyDeal coupons at the back.

Content wise, the big stories are our high tea and bakeries round-ups. We also cover a great little buth kade called Copper Chimney, Nana’s at Galle Face Green and more.

This month we’re also carrying a review of PickMe, a new Uber style trishaw ordering app that actually works really well. We’re quite impressed.

Beyond that, we hope you check the website sometimes, we update every day, and if you’d like a free subscription to this print edition, just email

Download/View: YAMU July Print Edition

JUNE - Schakasz

EDITORIAL: Yo, what a month. It’s hopefully getting less hot in Colombo, but we think we said that last month. We think we’ve got some cool stuff for you to nom nom this edition.

Our cover is Schakasz. Hard to pronounce, but this dessert-focused spot near Gandhara is spinning out some tasty stuff. We also found a humble buth kade near Perahera Mw (Beira Lake) which serves up an honestly ridiculous amount of protein choices. We’ve also found an interesting home cook that does savories (yummy ribs) and a lot more.

As a feature, this month we’ve got something for tourists, or for friends of yours that come down. Colombo has gone from having zero hostels to a lot, and in our Cheap Places To Stay feature we cover some of our favs.

As always, for daily updates check out our website and apps, and if you have any comments or suggestions, comment, email or even give us a call.

Download/View: YAMU June Print Edition

MAY - OZO Kandy

EDITORIAL: Hope you had a peaceful Vesak. This May hopefully will be less hot than last month.

This issue you’ll notice that the cover is the new OZO hotel in Kandy. It’s actually not open as of press time but it should be open by the time you get this in your hands. There’s more info on the centerspread if you like to learn about it, and you can check out for more info.

This edition we also cover the usual new restaurants - like Delish - and we have a few round-ups - our favorite coffee shops and places to get Japanese food.

Colombo has gone from having very few of both to suddenly having a lot, most of them pretty good.

That’s about all for this month. As always check out our website and app for daily updates.

Download/View: YAMU May Print Edition

APRIL - Brownie Lovin'

EDITORIAL:Suba aluth avurudak wewa! We hope you have a peaceful Sinhala and Tamil New Year (this April 13th). Avurudu is a nice time where everyone can pause, restart and not go back to work for a week, at least.

We have some pretty big features this issue - taste-offs of maalu paan and lamprais. If you want to read more about those or see the videos we made, visit, or our YouTube page (

We’ve been experimenting with more features and lists like this, trying to post about one a week on our site. Of course, we still cover new restaurants and shops and the like, so check those out as well.

Also happy to say that we finally have a Windows app out (thanks Thilina). We’re working on new versions of our Apple and Android apps in the next few months as well.

Finally, I feel like not enough people know that subscriptions to this magazine are free, if you’d like one just email your mailing address to

Download/View: YAMU April Print Edition

MARCH - The Hazari's Edition

EDITORIAL: We’ve been placing our editorial wherever we had space left over during layout, but Uncle Eardley told us to take editorials seriously, so we are. Thank you Uncle Eardley. This one is closer to the front.

This month is obviously all about cricket with the World Cup going on. We’ve got a schedule so you can catch all the matches. This World Cup isn’t great for social watching (most matches are at 3:30 or 9 in the morning) but there has been some great cricket.

We’ve been surprised that some people don’t know that YAMU is more than a magazine. We actually started as a website and we’ve built our own apps for Android and iOS as well (Windows next month).

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who advertised with us this month. Advertising helps us keep producing new content and expanding our distribution. Essentially, this free magazine is courtesy of our advertisers, so we hope you’ll give them a glance and, if you’re interested, a visit or a call.

Download/View: YAMU March Print Edition

FEBRUARY - The Calorie Counter Edition

EDITORIAL: Hello, January was a crazy month. We’re back with a February edition now that people can maybe think about food again.

This edition has a lot more lists - places to get hoppers, places to go for Valentines Day, our favorite places that opened last year.

For more info on all of these please visit our website ( or use our app (Android and iOS). We update content online everyday and you can find phone numbers, maps and whatever you need.

Download/View: YAMU February Print Edition

DECEMBER - The Cafe Francais Edition

EDITORIAL: Hey there. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Also, we hope that you have a safe and peaceful election time.

We’d like to thank you for reading YAMU this year, whether in print, online or on our app. We redid our website recently (and broke it for a week, sorry about that). Now we have categories (you can finally find Chinese food for example) and it’s a strong platform for us to add new features every month. We also broke and fixed our iOS/Android apps and we’ve got a Windows app coming out soon.

As you may have noticed, we’ve also got a lot more ads now. We hope that you’ll patronize our advertisers and give us feedback on what sort of advertising you actually like, and when it gets to be too much. We’ll never lose the honesty and impartiality that makes YAMU unique, but we are growing into a proper business this year and that means advertising. We would, however, like to innovate and evolve advertising into something cool and different, and we need your feedback to make that work. 

We hope you have a great time this season, and spend it with those you love.

Download/View: YAMU December Print Edition


NOVEMBER - The Cuppa Creme Edition

EDITORIAL: What’s an editorial doing here? Well, we forgot to do it till we finished laying out the magazine and it had to go somewhere.

This month we’ve got a lot of cool food places (Cremalato, Tong Ni BBQ, Bath Amma’s and more). We’ve also got one overlooked but awesome bar (ZaZa) as well as some interesting stuff to see, like this street art in Slave Island. We’d like to remind you that subscriptions to this magazine are free. Just visit

We’d also like to thank everyone who advertised this month. Advertising both sup-ports the content we produce and makes the magazine more interesting to read. We hope you’ll learn about and patronize our advertisers, we think they’re cool. Also, this month,check out our website (and app) for daily updates. We’ve got some interesting stuff planned, included a bumper issue for December. Happy exploring!

Download/View: YAMU November Print Edition


OCTOBER - The Cloud Red Edition

YAMU Print Cloud Red Magazine

EDITORIAL: Unless this map has completely flopped out, it should be attached to a magazine. If you’re missing the magazine just visit or download our app (Android and iOS) to get your read on.

This month we cover the new Colombo. Government developments like the Floating Market and Gold Market are remaking Pettah and private developments like OZO’s ON14 and Cinnamon’s Cloud Red are changing the Colombo skyline. Exciting times, and news of the Port City project means that there’s a lot more development to come.

We also cover our bread and butter, which is food reviews. Some interesting eateries are the Bread Company on Thimbirgasaya, Quick Thai in Pellawatta and Cafe Japan off Marine Drive. And remember, we update new restaurants, shops and more through our website and app every day.

Finally, we cover some new bars - Playtrix (a sports bar) and the aforementioned ON14 and Cloud Red. It’s a fun time to be in Colombo. We hope you enjoy the magazine, oh and this fold-out map as well.

Download/View: YAMU October Print Edition


AUGUST - The Planetarium Edition

YAMU August Cover

EDITORIAL: Oh hai. There’s a lot happening in Colombo these days. The biggest news is Arcade Independence Square. This is the third big government all-rounder complex - featuring restaurants, shops, bars and in this case even a movie theatre. Independence Arcade is bigger than Dutch Hospital and Racecourse and, situated next to Independence Square, finally gives Colombo a big walking district.This new complex brings with it a host of new restaurants and a few old favorites have restarted in new locations (Acropol and Arabian Knights). The old Planetarium has also re-opened, though 3D and other wonders won’t come till 2015.YAMU has also expanded. We’ve hired a new writer (welcome Bhagya) and we’re getting a lot of traffic on our website ( Our app is also improving every month, it’s available on Android and iPhone. Oh, and the app lets you order Harpo’s pizza as well. We’re hoping to add a few delivery options each month until December. We’ve also started making videos (thanks to our video guy Luke Spinner Tidball), you can check them out at

Download/View: YAMU August Print Edition (PDF)

JULY - The Rambutan Edition

YAMU July Issue

EDITORIAL: Thank you for picking up the YAMU magazine this month. We also run a website ( and app, which are updated daily. We’ve got our editorial in the middle this month because we’ve added eight new pages here. Maps, phone numbers and other (hopefully) useful info. The map especially is a work in progress. Please send us your comments, ideas and complaints.Review wise, there have been a lot of new places opening in Colombo, and old places relaunching. In this issue we’ve covered the reboots of Che and Union Bar And Grill as well as newcomers like Streat 360. Which you may have read already, this being the centerspread.

News wise, our app orders pizza pretty reliably now (through Harpo’s). We think it’s pretty cool and we hope you’ll try it out, we’ll be adding new restaurants every month. Just click ‘Delivery’ in the menu.

Finally, this month we’d like to wish all our Muslim friends, co-workers and readers a generous and blessed Ramadan. We’ve include a samosa taste-off to help you break fast and made an infographic with the important Ramadan times (below). Ramadan is an important time of reflection for Sri Lankan Muslims and it ends with food sharing between communities, people sending plates of food to friends and neighbors and getting plates in return. It’s a beautiful time of year and we hope everyone enjoys it.

Download/View: YAMU JULY Print Edition (PDF)

JUNE - The Bruschetta Edition

YAMU June Issue

There was no editorial on this edition and I'm not going to write one now. It was a pretty good edition.
Download/View: YAMU June Print Edition (PDF)

MAY - The Ice Cream Edition

YAMU May Magazine

EDITORIAL: May is when the country slowly gets back to work after Avurudu, only to be stopped again by Vesak. Vesak falls in the middle of the week this year (14- 15th, Wednesday and Thursday).Almost Long Weekends (1): Vesak (the 14th) is only a bank and public holiday. The day after (the 15th) is a mercantile holiday when you have official leave. If you take the following Friday off you can have a four day long weekend.

Places To Be: In terms of lights, pandols and dansals, Colombo is the place to be. People come from all over, which clogs the streets, but in a happy way. You won’t get anywhere fast, but you will get free food and entertainment. Ganga- ramaya and the Beira Lake host the most concentrated pandol displays and almost every neighborhood will try to show off or feed you something.

Download/View: YAMU May Print Edition (PDF)

APRIL - The Circles Edition

YAMU April Print Magazine

EDITORIAL: April is Avurudu, the Sinhala/Tamil New Year. In the middle of the month (13th-14th) the entire country reboots with most people returning to their ancestral villages for food and games. It’s also an exceptionally hot season, so crowds also flee to the hills (Nuwara Eliya) for horse and car races, among other entertainments. While the holiday is only officially one day (Monday the 14th), Colombo doesn’t really restart until the following week, after Good Friday. If that.During this season Colombo is a bit of a ghost town. It’s a good time to play cricket in the streets or teach someone to drive. Anyways, in this issue we found a few new things around the city, some cool stuff out of town (Mirissa, Negombo Road) and even in the air. Check it out, and also download our app (, we’re introducing pizza delivery with Harpo’s this month.

Download/View: YAMU April Print Edition (PDF)



MARCH - The Circle Edition

YAMU March Print Edition

EDITORIAL: Hope you’re enjoying March. Sadly, there are no actual holidays this month. Poya falls on a Sunday (the 16th, not fair) and that’s it. The weather is also (probably) getting hotter leading up to Avurudu.March is one of the better months (season wise) island-wide. The southern beaches are still happening, and also have some great eating. Check out our reviews of places in Thalpe and Galle inside. It’s also a good time to visit Kandy or the cultural triangle.

And don’t let the lack of holidays get you down. Half of April is basically a holiday (with Avurudu), so you might as well get some work done while you can.

Download/View: YAMU March Print Edition (PDF)

FEBRUARY - The Mad Stacks Edition

YAMU February Cover

February is a short month with, thankfully, a lot of holidays. You’ve got Independence Day on Tuesday the 4th, so if you take Monday off there’s a long weekend there. Then Navam Poya is on Friday the 14th. You can catch the perahera near Gangaramaya temple or get out of town to celebrate Valentine’s day in style. Then there’s Maha Sivathri on Thursday the 27th, another potential long weekend as well.So that’s what’s happening in Feb. We hope that the places we’ve highlighted will give you a few ideas as to new/interesting places to eat, shop or visit. Enjoy!

Download/View: YAMU February Print Edition (PDF)

December - The Holiday Shopping Edition


EDITORIAL: MERRY CHRISTMAS. Or whatever you’re celebrating this season. December is the time when friends and relatives come from abroad and Colombo comes alive.


This issue we cover a lot of new places like the new Shore By O! bar and the Kami Maki restaurant. We also have a (hopefully) helpful shopping guide with online and offline options for thoughtful gifts.

Plus more. Kiyavamu.

Download/View: YAMU December Print Edition

November - The Tic Tac Toe Edition


EDITORIAL: HELLO. Welcome to the third edition of YAMU Print. This month we stumbled upon a giant pizza oven, encountered a 3D printer and dined at TGI Friday’s on a Thursday. The behemoth baking contraption can be found at Santore - a new and very nice Italian restaurant overlooking the tennis courts behind Lifestyles Gym. The pizzas are excellent and this little restaurant has fast become one of our favourites.


On the other side of joyous eating, however, we have TGI Friday’s - home of the bland burger and botched order. We were sad to see the beautiful and majestic building next to Dutch Hospital play host to such a poor show in terms of food and service - but it’s early days, and there can still be redemption.

We also have a CHOGM Traffic Map, outlining roads and places you should probably avoid during the impending conference. Let’s read.

Download/View: YAMU November Print Edition

OCTOBER - The Blurry Canine Edition

YAMU October Cover


Our second issue had the usual reviews, plus a list of delivery phone numbers, taxi numbers and a handcrafted Colombo bus map. This was the first issue to run ads, for Paan Paan, Gerard Mendis, Shiraz, Trekurious,, and more.


Download/View: YAMU October Print Edition (PDF)

AUGUST - The First

YAMU August Cover


The first print edition of YAMU is out. You can download the PDF here.


You can find a free copy at the following locations:

  • Shiraz
  • Gandhara
  • Paan Paan (Lorenz Road and Alfred House Gardens)
  • Hansa Cafe
  • Java Lounge (both Dharmapala Mw and Jawatte)
  • Cafe On The 5th
  • Clock Inn Hostel
  • Chagall
  • Barefoot (Galle Road and Dutch Hospital)
  • Video International (Galle Road and Thimbirigasaya)
  • Milk & Honey
  • Commons
  • The Colombo Fort Cafe
  • Barista Outlets (within a week)
  • Heladiv Tea Club and the
  • Dilmah t-Lounge

More venues will be added soon. Have a look and tell us what you think. Advertising rates are on the back if anyone's interested (or email - we've distributed 1000 copies across the above mentioned venues for the first round but will be printing more soon.

We hope you enjoy it :)

Download/View: YAMU August Print Edition (PDF)