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YAMU's Content Policy & Community Standards

Content Policy

Our content policy is simple. We primarily review restaurants, hotels, and businesses, but we also write, blog, and create videos about life and travel in Colombo and Sri Lanka. We encourage casual, conversational tones, and our writers to be honest and let their personality show through. 

Both our blogs and videos may be sponsored or created in collaboration with brands, which we will always mention on the page. Reviews are never paid for or done with the approval of a business. For more details and answers, visit our FAQ page.

Staff Guidelines

- Honesty. Fair, unbiased reviewing. No hidden agendas, no reviewing friends, no personal biases.

- No Freebies. No accepting free meals or drinks from establishments for reviews.

- Kindness. We are part of Colombo, Sri Lanka, and its communities, and want everyone to prosper. While we will continue to be honest, we will also try to not harm businesses. Despite sometimes having terrible experiences and being compelled to write an honest and negative review, we will ensure we are always truthful and come back for a re-review in a few months.

Community Guidelines

In the spirit of cultivating intelligent, funny, and constructive debate, we encourage a healthy commenting ecosystem. However, this means keeping our forums clean, friendly, and non-toxic. For more details, visit our Commenting Policy.

1. On Facebook or our site, accounts or comments that are fake, spam, violent, abusive, or ad hominem, will be banned.

2. YAMU is a platform for critical commentary which is also constructive and respectful. We expect civility from our writers and we expect it of commenters as well. If you're trolling without any particular content besides negativity, your comments won't be published here. 

Insulting races, religions, sexualities or nationalities does not happen here. If you want to insult us or a person, that's generally a no, unless it's teasing or funny, ie, without malice. 

Who's the judge of what's respectful and what's malicious? We broadly follow the definition Google is using for its new API, Perspective. They define a toxic comment as "a rude, disrespectful, or unreasonable comment that is likely to make you leave a discussion." Since we're not using that AI yet, our Editorial team will make that call, based on that definition.

Those are just the rules for being published on this platform. We're obviously not restricting your speech in general, these rules only cover what we publish.

3. We expect businesses to comment using their own names. Businesses suspected of obviously self-promoting or writing user reviews for themselves will get comments deleted and contacted by us.

4. As for users, we understand anonymity often makes it easier to engage in discussion in Colombo. However, keep in mind that personal attacks, hate speech, or trolling will be removed immediately and without warning, especially if you're hiding behind a fake name or profile. 

5. We allow links to personal blogs, businesses, and other links that may help us or readers learn more or find something they're looking for.

As always, your contributions and engagement are a key part of the YAMU community, so thank you for that. If you have any questions or issues, mail us on