6 Things To Consider When You Dine Out Post-lockdown

Dining out? Here are a few things to think about.

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After about 6 weeks of lockdown and post-lockdown restrictions, restaurants are open for dine-in now, but with some limitations. They're allowed to accommodate 1/3 of the total capacity for dine-in, without exceeding 75 customers and if it's an outdoor setting, 100 customers are allowed at a time. 
If you're planning to drop by your favourite restaurant for dine-in, here are 6 things that you must absolutely pay attention to. 

Practice Hand Hygiene

Your number one priority since last year, no matter where you are. Hand hygiene is quite crucial in reducing the risk of spreading Coronavirus. Make sure you do it with soap, or using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser before you eat at the restaurant, or after touching any surface; from menus, doorknobs and tables to chairs, cutlery and tissue holders, as well as using the washroom.

Keep Your Mask On

Masks have become a mandatory part of our lives since the pandemic broke out last year, and you cannot still make an exception despite the reduced number of COVID cases in the country. When dining out, keep your mask on at all times, especially when interacting with the staff at the restaurant, and take it off only when you're eating. It's recommended to keep a separate paper bag to keep the mask until you wear it again.

Check For Restaurants That Take This Very Seriously

When the first few local cases of COVID-19 emerged in Sri Lanka, a lot of restaurants in the country started to strengthen their food safety measures to prevent and mitigate the spreading of Coronavirus; which we observed through their social media pages. As of now, most of the restaurants have vaccinated staff, and are practising the necessary COVID-19 prevention methods. Before walking into the restaurant, do a bit of research and get to know about them. And if you still have any doubts, do not hesitate to call them up and inquire. 

Avoid Peak Hours

The social distancing must go on, so try to avoid the peak hours whenever possible. For example, rice & curry spots get packed with customers during lunchtime, while bars and pubs tend to have high foot traffic in the evenings. Drop by in an odd hour so you do not have to sit in close proximity to the other diners.

Choose An Outdoor Setting

Outdoor dining is highly encouraged, as it has better ventilation than a closed premise. As of now, restaurants can entertain up to 100 customers if there's outdoor seating space. 


Despite the number of safety measures taken by the restaurant to minimise the risk of spreading the virus, bringing a well-cleaned spoon/fork from home is always a safe option.