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Our app is dope and delivers food.

User Reviews


Kiki reviewed Tea Avenue

Worthless place and ordered some tea and hot choclate the tea was crap and the hot choclate was all suget.The servic4 was crap as well and the pricing was way high for a…


reg reviewed Café Noir

sweet potato fries are dope


Geshanie reviewed Buon Appetito Foods

Buon Apetito Foods is a place that a food lover should visit.The range of food products are actually a bliss to any one who loves cooking from meats to sweets.The…


Sarah reviewed Min Han

There's a special way to speak to Wijayapala. I didn't even need to 'get friendly' with the dude for him to be totally accommodating and possibly be one of the coolest waiters ever.…



stanlyya asked a question

I'm facing AL's this fall and obviously no more than 3C's will happen. Is it possible to study med in Aussie. IDC the university. Just need to vanish to Aussie.

Avatar for Acesticks

Acesticks asked a question

Hey Just wondering where i could Buy Pool Tables ? Used is fine Thanks


SA_LUIE asked a question

Hi, I want to know whether Graze kitchen or Flow @ Hilton to go for, for a dinner with my boyfriend. What has the wider range that includes less srilankan stuff…


Shesha998 asked a question

Hi can someone suggest me a place where I can buy or borrow a cake stand in Colombo ? Thanks

Avatar for indi

indi asked a question

Who has the best thrones?


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