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Our app is dope and delivers food.

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Peleus reviewed Cloud Red (Cinnamon Red)

Staff needs more training. After the meals (a battered calamari dish) and drinks arrived, we had to ask and wait for side plates. And then to ask and wait for the cutlery. The guy…


AnuJ reviewed TGI Friday's

Worst customer service ever. Specially don’t go there on Friday. They will yell at you and ask u to sit where they want n they will cook the bill for half n hour and bring it…


Nipuna Sesath reviewed Tea Breeze

this is nice


Sen_ara reviewed JAM Rolled Ice Cream

Simply it's just Ice cream at the end of the day. The point is I was expecting something quite different, sort of a unique selling point. Um nope. Voila expectations!

The Ice cream was…


Sanjithkasun reviewed Burger Wish

ඔන්න 440 බර්ග එකේ size එක. කාලම බලාපල්ලාකෝ. හොද නරක. 🖕🖕🖕



janithdezoysa3 asked a question

Hey guys! Please let me know any company that does custom neon signs. Thank you in advance :)

Avatar for Hassyxoxo

Hassyxoxo asked a question

Isn't there any place to complete be free in Sri Lanka. I mean be naked with someone without getting harassment place.... or somewhere we can do anything…

Avatar for ShaliHalpe

ShaliHalpe asked a question

Please let me know which is better for an iPhone 8plus purchase


Shenz asked a question

Any recommendations for a place to get notebooks and journals printed? Something like this…


Shenz asked a question

Does anybody know a place that offers part time jobs from home for undergrads to earn some extra pocket money?


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