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Princelavan reviewed The Chaat Kade

Tasty. Affordable. Good service. But two paratas are not enough even for my tiny girl friend :)) and no enough space if you want to dine with friends and family.

The Chaat Kade


Princelavan reviewed Kebabish

The man who made the delicious shawarma was missing in kebabish during our recent visits and shawarmas were horrible. We Spotted him in "Rich Bombay Sweets" (galle road Dehiwala. Next to dominos). He also makes vegetable Shawarmas. They taste awesome too



marleyndme reviewed Lion Pub

The new beer garden is great so classy and chilled

Lion Pub


imajeed reviewed Min Han

You need to befriend Wijayapala. To do this, you must go there once by yourself at lunch time, by noon. Order a beer and ask him for the menu. Tell him you want one of the more authentic sounding dishes, and he will deny you. Then, ask him to suggest something. Go with it in order to establish trust. Once he knows you trust him, he is more likely to let you get adventurous. Over the years, here are the dishes he's allowed me to try: Beef Noodle Soup, Beansprout and Tofu, Hot Garlic Fish Fillet, Pork Belly with Black Fungus, Seafood Fried Noodles and Pork Dumplings. I'm still waiting for the day he let's me order a whole fish with all the sides their Chinese customers order. Fingers crossed!

Min Han


indi reviewed Tsukiji Uoichi

I just ordered their Sushi Bento via YAMU delivery (on app). The short of it is, the sushi is quite excellent. It's not as affordable or generous as the Naniyori Bento (my usual goto for indulgent sushi delivery), but Tsukiji's version is higher quality.

That is, the sushi rice is excellent. This is actually a highly important part of sushi preparation that chefs spend years training to get right. On Sri Lankan sushi it's often an afterthought, but it makes a difference, and Tsukiji gets it right, at least in this experience.

There's is also something about the sushi, both nigiri and the rolly one, that has that little extra that makes the brain tingle. Average sushi is still tasty because soy sauce, but the pieces I had were fresh and balanced where it gave you that little extra joy that comes with good sushi.

The miso that comes with is excellent, but the other sides were whatev. The salad was OK, the red bean thing was confusing and hard to eat with chopsticks, the wasabi was weak and they gave pickled veg instead of ginger (that could be good or bad depending on your taste, I prefer ginger).

The Naniyori Bento is more of a complete package, but if you're looking for excellent sushi delivered, I'd recommend Tsukiji. It costs, however. Rs. 2000, so that would likely be a rare indulgence.

Tsukiji Uoichi


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piratheep_george asked a question

Where can I buy quality sneakers in cheap price around Colombo?

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SurenSaluka asked a question

If I purchase a Microsoft surface device from eBay around rs 50,000/= what would be the tax I've to pay when arrive to SL? Also do I need to clear it from TRCSL as well? (This…


W.Helen asked a question

Can you suggest me some good pet friendly hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka which I could take my dog for a vacation. Thanks.


MonkehParade asked a question

Is it possible to apply for a drivers license on my own and without having to go through the learners? I keep hearing from friends/people that there's a less likely chance that…

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indi asked a question

Where's a good place to get a septum piercing?