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Our app is dope and delivers food.

User Reviews


Tharini Welikala reviewed Upali's

The food was very tasty. I loved it. Also I love to visit there more…


Rasitha87 reviewed Bacco (Negombo)

Ordered Marinara and Lin al Granchio… Marinara dish's smell was not good and cuttle fish in it was not cooked at all… informed to bacco, but there answer was just sorry… anyhow one…


Miley93 reviewed Kaema Sutra

Prices and food have no relation and the service as useful as bananas in a chili paste


Miley93 reviewed Which Way West

Which Way West is generally the first place to go for pre drinks or just a casual beer for the majority of people just out of school or the underage daredevils, it could be a club…


Miley93 reviewed Lani's Sea Food Restaurant

Decent place by the beach for a budget drinker comparatively to the other beachside bars along the mount-dehiwala beach



Yehan Bathiya asked a question

Any suggestions for a good place which delivers rice n curry for lunch to mirihana


Urudeep asked a question

You know how Mcdelivery has the option to just pay the bill online from the browser itself through visa card? are there other places offering this service as well cause…


Urudeep asked a question

asking for a friend, (just mainly clothes and stuff) and something a bit affordable would be good too thank you :)


Urudeep asked a question

Looking for a broadband wifi connection, anyone know any good reccomendations? Budget - about 7k and below monthly bill speed - Higher than 4mbps bandwith - total day and…


samunella asked a question

does anyone know how to get rid of pearly penile papules? or any doctor or a hospital that has laser treatment for ppp?


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