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9 Snacks That Remind You of Your Childhood

Just take me back to grade 4, please.

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Get on board, we're taking a trip to memory lane — a trip to a place that won't torment you with reminders about the bills you haven't paid yet!

1. Achcharu 

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If you didn't save up some cash to buy achcharu from your school canteen or the little vendors outside your school with their pink, plastic bags filled with fruity, juicy goodness, what did you do with that twenty rupee note?

2. Banis from the Banis uncle

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Trrriing Trrring 

The best cream banis, jam banis and kimbula banis were undoubtedly from that uncle who came riding his bicycle  or driving his tuk with an ear-piercing melody either at the break of dawn or when you took your bicycle out for a spin in the eve.

3. Five rupee ice packets

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Shout out to the makers of the cheap ice packets for always having our backs when we couldn't afford the fifteen rupee popsicles! Filled with potential tonsilitis, these ice packets were the bomb dot com!

4. Five rupee Kandos Tin Tin chocolates

Who needed 100 rupee Kinder Joys when they had 5 rupee Kandos chocolates with Tin Tin always looking lost as ever on the wrappers? 

P.S. bring Tin Tin Kandos chocolates back! 

5. Tipi Tip

Throwback to when choosing between the green Tipi Tip and the orange Tipi Tip seemed like the biggest decision of our lives!

6. Gem biscuits

There were 2 kinds of gem biscuit eaters.

1. Those who ate the biscuits like civilised human beings

2. The rebels who ate only the icing 

Which one were you? 
If you are wondering what on earth gem biscuits are, we cannot be friends. Ever (unless you have an endless supply of Tipi Tip).

7. Jujubes

Filled with that gelatinous goodness, critically planning out which jujube you wouldn't eat was part of the process of jujube consumption; and if that kid you didn't like wanted a jujube, the rejected colours went to them!

8. Jumbo Jolly

Jumbo Jolly was for the days you felt a little rich. Jumbo Jolly was for the days you decided to brutally ditch the 5 rupee ice packets. And when Necto Jumbo Jolly broke into the picture, the orange and lime flavours were ditched!

When was the last time you had Jumbo Jolly, you fancy gelato eater? Pffft.

9. Polo

Polo was the ticket to your 10 minutes of fame because one packet of Polo meant everyone would hover around you trying to desperately get one off you just so they could suck it until it got thin enough to be used as a delicate ring. Gross, minty and cool! Here's the classic Polo ad just to get the nostalgia rolling!

So, what other snacks remind you of your childhood?



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