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Bombay Sweet Mahal Revisited

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The Bombay Sweet Mahal just past Wellawatte junction is one of our favorites, especially for their amazing layered juice (Rs. 290). We dropped in on our way to the Savoy 3D Cinema to try their strawberry juice.

Strawberries seem to be in season and all the juice shops have them, we had an especially good sip at the Kohuwela Roots. At the BSM, however, their juice, while cheaper at Rs. 180, was simply too sugary. We felt more sickly sweet than refreshed.

Still this is a good place for juices and sweets on the regular, I guess just tell them to go easy on the sugar. If you're shopping around for Bombay Sweet shops, the oldest and probably best one is in Colpetty - Bombay Sweet House. If you're in Wellawatte the Bombay Sweet Centre does a great samosa.
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