Cheers To Meat US; Colombo's First BBQ Bar & Grill!

Meat Us is officially a bar now!

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When one thinks of BBQ in Colombo, there's this one name that pops into mind - Meat US
But, why?
Because, Meat US is a trend-setter. They were the first to launch a BBQ-centric restaurant, and ever since then, the whole city has been mushrooming with similar establishments. It's not a bad thing, really, but the OG taste is hard to beat, especially now that it comes with some incredibly flavourful cocktails. 

The All-New Meat US Bar & Grill

Remember the good ol' Randoli? Revamping these premises, Meat US has created a fantastic hangout spot to get your after-work drink on. In fact, it's a bigger, better version of the Flower Road branch they used to have back then.

This all-new Meat US Bar & Grill has two floors. The ground floor practices the usual habits - good old grills and BYOB with no corkage fee, while the first floor is comprised of a bar, dancing floor, lounge and more BBQ (obviously!). 

Depending on your mood and budget, you can choose either option. Both floors have this chilled out, relaxed vibe, but the first floor is more private and happening. The ground floor has chunky wooden chairs and tables that kinda reminiscents the ambience at the Pelawatte outlet, while the first floor has tall, cushy booths and stools at the bar counter. 

There is a clear contrast of ambience in the two floors, so as we said, it all comes down to your budget and mood. 

What's On The Menu?

Delicious BBQ and boozy cocktails, of course!

From chicken and beef to pork, lamb and sausages, Meat US has a good variety. They platter them up very nicely, which is quite convenient when you dine as a group. 

The ribs are the king here. In fact, it's one of the very, very few places in town that whip up a good rack. Glazed with sticky, sweet BBQ sauce, these racks are big, fat and juicy. The Chicken is smokin' good too, all thanks to perfectly capturing the essence of the grill. They make sure to use fresh meats, rather than frozen ones, for better texture. 

Meat US is the home to some fine pork chops as well. The quality of a pork chop heavily relies on its tender texture, and here, it's spot on. After giving a good rub of spices, herbs and sauces, they let it rest for a while, before tossing it onto the grill. 

They also do a good lamb - soft, easily cut through, and flavoursome. All these can be gobbled down with an in-house cocktail or any kind of booze. In fact, their bottles collection is one of the cheapest in the city. 


Meat US's range of cocktails is quite impressive, unique, and has an amazing tropical touch to it. 
Take this Amberella Feast for an example. Crafted with gin, fresh amberella, sugar and bee's honey, it makes a fine summertime (which is almost every day in Colombo) staple.  This Cockroach is literally on fire! Don't let the name hold you back because it's one boozy concoction of kahlua, vodka and tequila. 

If you like it hot, this Tom Yum Daiquiri would get you good. Involving a generous dose of in house special nai miris infused rum, it also has a splash of passion fruit cordial, which provides a nice sour kick to balance out the heat. 

More on the fruity side, here we have Meat US's refreshing Strawberry Margarita. A lovely blend of tequila, triple sec and freshest strawberries.

In Conclusion

It all started with a tiny BBQ joint in Pelawatte, but look how far they've come. A bigger, better space, and a lot of new stuff and twists on the menu! 

So head on over to Meat US with your colleagues for the "post-five debrief," after a long, strenuous workday. It guarantees to give you absolutely good vibes, accompanied by great BBQ and brilliant cocktails!