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Chutiduwa Farm; An Endless Offering Of Meats For Your Feast

An online platform dedicated to delivering high-quality meats.

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The demand for pork in Sri Lanka has been growing at a rapid pace for the past few years. Many restaurants have been introducing pork-centric dishes to their menu, and there's a throng of home-based ventures that offer the beloved pork curry, pol sambol and pol roti/ roast paan combo. 

If you love pork (and other meats) as much as we do, we highly suggest you keep Chutiduwa Farm bookmarked on your browser. With an interesting history that runs back to the early 80's, Chutiduwa Farm is all about providing high quality, clean meat - from basic chicken cuts to a massive variety of premium meats and sausages. They're based in Marawila, accept online orders and do islandwide delivery.

Humble Beginnings

Started off with just 10 piglets, Chutiduwa Farm has come a long way since 1984. The owner, Mr Hettiarachchi named it after his firstborn daughter. In 1995, he was granted the opportunity to learn about farming for three months, through US embassy. This also extended to a bunch of field trips to Canada, the UK and Spain, to observe and learn further about farming and breeding.

Later on, he used his practical experience and knowledge to form an equal-share partnership with American companies to import breeding stock to Sri Lanka, while establishing a nucleus farm. Since then, he has been importing livestock, not only from the US, but also from Canada. He ensures that the animals get the right food, and to use the correct mechanisms to do the crossbreeding, as they help to maintain the quality of the product.

What's In Stock?

Chutiduwa Farm is definitely your one spot for all sorts of pork needs. If you visit, you'll understand why.

Here you'll find different cuts of pork, including low fat, rindless, boneless pork, pork tenderloin, neck chop, shoulders, ears, liver, belly, ribeye, spareribs and many more. Plus, based on your need, you can pick the right cut. They have BBQ-style pork chops, pork for roasting, curry pork, and also ready to cook Babath, cooked Pepper Pork and Roast Pork Legs. 

While their speciality is pork, Chutiduwa Farm also has other meats - chicken, beef, lamb, mutton, turkey, duck, quail and rabbit. The beef products range is super impressive as well, featuring beef topside, kidney, loin, cubes, ox tail, liver, rib cubes, fillet, brain, marrow bones and heart etc. 

It's an endless offering of meats to fit for a feast, really. They offer raw, cooked, cured, processed and smoked meats, which are super conveniently available for ordering through their user-friendly website. If nothing else, they also have sauces, spices, fruits and veggies in stock.

Their minimum order value is Rs. 3000, and if you purchase above Rs. 5000, delivery is done for free of charge.

In Conclusion

As of now, Chutiduwa Farm is the only pork supplier in the country who has earnt the ISO 22000:2005 and 14001:2015, as well as HACCP and GMP. They're also known as the biggest pork supplier in the country, and the way they keep the quality of the meats consistently good, all-year-round, is absolutely impressive.

A number of reputed restaurants and hotels purchase their meat stocks from Chutiduwa, and that demand is growing, which clearly shows the brilliance of their products. 

So make sure to check out for your next meat order! 

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