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Colombo's Gym Scene

If you're thinking joining a gym in Colombo, here are some options.

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Gyms in Colombo have come a long way over past decade. We've got everything from high-end gyms with state of the art equipment, to places suited for people on budgets and even a very well maintained free gym near Independence Square.

If you're thinking joining a gym, here are some options.

Quick Table

Gym Location 6 Months 1 Year
High Octane Pamankada Rs. 55,000 Rs. 70,000
Bankhill Wellness Battaramulla Rs. 45,000 Rs. 69,000
Ministry Of Defence Kiosk Independence Square Free Free
Waters Edge Battaramulla Rs. 99,000 Rs. 170,000
Power World All Over Rs. 4,000 Rs. 7,500
Royal College Colombo 7 Rs. 22,000 Rs. 36,000
Body By Kris Kohuwala
Rs. 27-49k
Lifestyle Colombo 7 Rs. 53,000 Rs. 80,000
Fitness First Colombo 7 Rs. 30,000 Rs. 49,500
Bankhill Wellness Colombo 7 Rs. 30,000 Rs. 40,000
Body Bar Gym Colombo 7 Rs. 36,000 Rs. 59,000

The Gyms

Best Overall

High Octane Fitness Gym - Pamankada

Highlights: Wide range of equipment, Zumba, Spin, Powerflex
Membership: 6 Months - 55K, Annual - 70K
Offers: HSBC card holders - 25% discount

High Octane is one of the largest and most well maintained gyms. They fall in the higher end in terms of membership fees but they've got pretty much every type of equipment. They're also one of the few places that offers Zumba and Spin classes. As a bonus, they have the tasty and healthy Health Factor restaurant on the premises.

Most Impressive

Bankhill Wellness - Battaramulla

Highlights: High-tech equipment, sauna, MMA, Wushu
Membership: 6 months - 45K Annual - 69K

This is one of two gyms by Bankhill Wellness, and it looks absolutely stunning.  The building is massive and looks like the Parthenon. Inside you get some of the most high-tech equipment available anywhere in Sri Lanka. The most noteworthy is their Techonogym Wellness Key. This little key, which operates like a small flash drive, fits into all (well, most) of their machines and records and monitors your progress.

Most Accessible

Ministry of Defense Fitness Kiosk - Colombo 7

Highlights: Jogging path for cardio
Membership: Free (Just bring a towel and training shoes)

This free place in Independence Square is beyond a doubt the most accessible. It's free. The space isn't really geared for body building but they've got most of the equipment you'd need maintain a high level of fitness. Since it's run by the army the place is very clean and you can't beat the surroundings - there's plenty of room to run and cycle around Independence Square. Did we mention free?

Most Exclusive

Waters Edge Gym - Battaramulla

Highlights: Swimming Pool, Sauna
Membership: 6 Months - 99K, Annual - 1.7 lakhs
Offers: 20% discount for Annual memberships, 15% discount on food, Members Lounge

If you're looking for exclusivity and privacy, Waters Edge is probably one of the best choices. Only issue is that it's almost Rs. 100,000 more than all the other gyms on this list. You get good equipment, well trained staff and some great views.


Power World Gym - Dehiwala, Nugegoda, Col 7, 8, etc

Membership: 6 Months - 4K, Annual - 7,5K (5K for women)
Offers: The rates above are specials for 2015

Besides the free gym at Independence Square, Power World is probably the most cost effective choice with an annual membership costing only Rs. 7500. They've got a decent selection of equipment, but the downside of the low cost is that it will get quite crowded.

Good Value

Royal College Gym - Colombo 7

Membership: 6 Months - 22K, Annual - 36K
Offers: Ladies Only from 9AM-2PM

The Royal College gym falls in the mid range of prices with the annual rate coming to Rs. 36,000. In terms of equipment they don't offer as much of a selection as High Octane or Bankhill but it's one of the best when it comes to weight training. They also have a special rate for ladies during off peak hours at Rs. 300 per day.


Body By Kris - Kohuwala

Membership: Annual - 27-49K

Body by Kris is another front runner in the gym scene. Their rates are on par with the likes of High Octane but it isn't quite as spacious. That being said there's no shortage of equipment as well as a very comprehensive weight training area. They also have generous hours - open from 5AM to 12 Midnight.


Lifestyle Gym - Colombo 7

Membership: 6 Months - 53K, Annual - 80K
Offers: 5% discount for Cash payments, 10-20% discounts for group memberships (4+) 

Lifestyle gym at SLTA is one of the older gyms in Colombo. They're actually quite expensive at Rs. 80,000 per year but they offer wide range of equipment as well as a snack bar that does some affordable healthy meals and protein shakes. The downside though is that it's a small space that tends to get quite cramped up.


Fitness First Gym - Colombo 7

Highlights: Swimming pool
Membership: 6 Months - 30K, Annual - 49.5K
Offers: HSBC card holders - 15% discount

Fitness First is one of the few places where you can gain access to a swimming pool and a gym for a pretty decent price in Colombo. It’s good value for money and the location, just a hundred meters from Independence Square, is ideal.


Bankhill Wellness - Colombo 7

Membership: 6 Months - 30K, Annual - 40K
Offers: Couple package on Valentines Day - 25% discount

Located at the Olympic House on Independence Avenue, this is the smaller of the Bankhill Wellness gyms but still not too shabby at all. While they don't offer classes, they still have a very respectable range of cardio equipment and weights. It's also right near Independence Square, so you can do walking and running around there.

Good Value

Body Bar Gym - Colombo 7

Highlights: Dance, Zumba, Yoga
Membership: 6 Months - 36K, Annual - 59K
Offers: HSBC card holders - 25% discount

The Body Bar gym is actually separated into two sections; the upstairs section is for cardio - they've got treadmills, cross trainers,  rowing machines, a few exercise bikes and a stretching cage. And downstairs is the weight training area - you find your dumbbells, free weights, bench press and machine weights here. The cardio section is quite spacious but I can't say the same for the weight training area.


Colombo's gym scene has thankfully advanced along with its dining options. As you can see, there's a high concentration in Colombo 7, especially around Independence Square. We're quite happy to see that there's a free option there, as well as some high quality paid ones. If you're in the suburbs there are gyms to serve you in Kohuwala, Pamankada, Dehiwala, Battramulla Etc.

Note that this isn't every gym in Colombo, not by a long shot. If you look around your neighborhood you may find something smaller but more convenient. As always, if we've missed anything please let us know.

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