Colombo's Fantasy Menu

Here's our culinary fantasy league - the best menu you'd find in Colombo, if we could get our favourite dishes from…

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If dining were a sport, we at YAMU would be the commentators that talk way too close to the microphone and mispronounce foreign names. As with any good sport, there's a lot of wishful thinking involved, so here's our culinary fantasy league - the best menu you'd find in Colombo, if we could get our favourite dishes from each of our favourite places, money and logistics no bar.

Keep in mind that this is a 7 course menu so our favourite saivar kade and street eats didn't make it on. Culinary elitism at its best, sigh.



Cafe Francais

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With a dedicated wine cellar and a carefully curated selection of over 35 French wines and champagnes, CF’s wine list is curated by group sommelier Olivier Château.


Nihonbashi Wine Room

If you love your wine so much that you feel you’d rather sit inside the wine cellar than gaze from afar, Nihonbashi’s private dining experience in the wine room is a decadent exploration of the restaurant’s selection.



Smoked Salmon with Caviar at Tintagel (Rs. 1075)

Smoked salmon, cream, caviar. What better way to start off your meal?


Chef’s Special Oysters at The Ocean, Kingsbury (price dependent on quantity & catch)

Order ahead, and ask for fresh oysters. A good selection shouldn’t even need toppings (so put away that tabasco). Order a tight G&T, and get slurping.


Grilled halloumi at August by Mama Aida's (Rs. 600)

The flavours of this soft, brined cheese are simple yet beautiful as Mediterranean cuisine, and as comforting as a grilled cheese sandwich.



Sri Lankan Fish Head Soup at the Gallery Cafe (Rs. 695)

Possibly the best dish on Gallery’s already stellar menu, this is a wholesome Lankan seafood concoction.


Tom yum soup at Tom Yum (Rs.750)

Hot, spicy, deeply flavoured seafood swimming around in broth and chilli oil. You know this soup is great when they name their whole restaurant after it.



Papaya & Lime sorbet at Havelock Place Bungalow

A light, iced, citrusy concoction that helps clear up your palate between two intense courses.


Sashimi Moriawase at Nihonbashi (Rs. 1900)

Fresh, delicate cuts of Colombo’s finest seafood featuring yellowfin tuna and salmon. This sashimi platter is made for sharing, although you might not want to.


Fettuccine all’Aragosta at Echo (Rs. 1500)

Creamy, decadent, and delicious, this pasta highlights some lovely fresh lobster flesh in a creamy sauce with fresh fettuccine.


Tagliatelle Verdi con Proscuitto at Bayleaf (Rs. 1050)

Bacon, glazed ham, mushrooms, freshly made green pasta, and oodles of cream. This tagliatelle is great for the soul and awful for your waistline.

Entrée/Main Course

Striploin in Teriyaki and Glazed Kochchi at Coi by Vichalya (Rs. 1910)

Possibly the best dish at Colombo’s most inventive restaurant, the succulent cut of local beef is marinated in spicy teriyaki and chilli. Order it rare, and let it melt in your mouth.


Braised Pork Belly with Butterscotch and Caramelized Apples in Almond Jus at London Grill (Rs. 1450)

Indulge in a lovely piece of pork belly drenched in jus and the sweet tartness of the fruit toppings. Insist on a side of mash if you’re a traditionalist.


Garlic Chilli Crab at Ministry of Crab (price dependent on quantity & catch)

The quintessential dish for tourists in the know, Ministry of Crab is the place to go if you have a reservation, a far-reaching credit card, and a penchant for legit crustacean delight.


Crème Brûlée Cheesecake at Schakasz (Rs. 450)

A mélange of three of the world’s yummiest dessert components, cheese cake, crème brûlée, and fresh fruit, this dessert can do no wrong. If you're really keen, here's how to make it.


Tres Leches at Butter Boutique (Rs. 450)

The light, creamy, froth of this dessert is unsurpassable. It melts in your mouth, with a light sweetness and milky texture. If you’re lactose intolerant, this is worth the 2 minutes of happiness you’ll experience.


Double Chocolate Cheesecake with Creme Anglais at Gallery Cafe (Rs. 795)

Gallery Cafe is serious about their desserts, and this sharing this decadent cheesecake is a good exercise in control.



Latte at Butter Boutique

Their Marzocco coffee machine meets Niccolo coffee from Melbourne, and churns out possibly the best coffee in town.

Espresso at Oro 1889

Strong, full-bodied and richly aromatic, this is a shot to end your night with.


This isn't a comprehensive list by any means. We've missed out on quite a few of our other favourites because they didn't quite fit the format or style of the menu. Let us know your top picks too!