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Eat Like A Lansi

Your one-spot for Lansi-style treats.

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*This post is brought to you by Lansi's.

The term “Lansi’s” has been around for decades. It's a fondly way of describing the descendants of the Dutch and Portuguese communities that once ruled over Ceylon, our small but proud island nation. 

The Lansi’s were known for their free spirit, spark, music, humour and most of all, love for food and drink. Not just consuming a meal that is but in preparing a meal, their quirky outlook on life and creativity that sprinkle extra zest to an otherwise average dish.

The Lansi’s always went an extra mile to include flavour into everything they stuck their ladle in. It was in their nature to go that extra mile in everything they pursued, so everywhere they went, they radiated just a little extra, be it entertaining their guests with their welcoming nature or easily going above and beyond for a simple laugh out loud. Thus was the nature of the Lansi’s.

As the years passed by, the party died down and although the sounds of their sweet melodious voices, style and hilariously outrageous jokes echoed through the hustle and bustle of Colombo, The Burgher community lacked representation. 

The Lansi’s, hail from a long line of Family cooks who ensure they add a little bit of magic into every dish they cook up and do justice to recipes passed down through generations. 

Inspired by the family’s late gypsy ancestor Theodore, who travelled around the world in the late 1800’s selling pies as her only source of income, serves as a role model for the family and the independent women that are employed at Lansi’s. The kitchen staff, or simply, the muscle behind Lansi’s is comprised of strong independent single mothers and widows who are empowered to be their best selves in the intentions of easing financial constraints and being trained for future self-employment.

The Lansi’s being passionate about empowering struggling women in similar situations with employment paired with their families’ desire in serving authentic Dutch Burgher take on food decided to bring some Lansi back and so Lansi’s was born.

Lamprais & Lansi's

Lamprais has undoubtedly won hearts over the years as one of Sri Lanka’s favourite comfort dishes - from the mouthwatering aromas that waft through the banana leaf when unwrapped to the varying elements of flavour that accompany and complement each other harmoniously. When it comes to Lamprais, authenticity plays a huge role in being able to distinguish the Dutch Burgher Lamprais from a regular pack of rice. Derived from the Dutch word lomprijst, which loosely translated to “packet of food," lamprais was introduced by the countries Dutch Burgher population. 

Consisting of Suduru Samba cooked in mutton stock, three types of meat (chicken, pork and beef ), Seeni Sambol, Fried Ash Plantain curry, Frikkadels, Blanchan and Fried Brinjal in Mustard sauce, Lansi’s Mixed Meat Lamprais hits every note of nostalgia when it boils down to authenticity. 

Lansi’s also has a Chicken Lamprais that oozes out with flavour and spice, and is comprised of Chicken and Fish Cutlets, replacing Fricassees, along with the other elements mentioned above to cater to individuals who do not eat pork or beef. 

Lamprais being a signature dish done by the Lansi’s, the Lansi’s do not shy away from taking regular Sri Lankan dishes and adding their unique Lansi twist.

For example, take their range of short eats with a bit of Dutch Burgher twist. Their patties are encrusted in a buttery dough while the Chinese rolls have a smooth, pancake mix-based shell stuffed generously with filling. They can be purchased in customised snack packs either Fresh, semi fried or frozen. This is the ideal way to “put a snack,” as the Lansi’s say. Plus, a wonderful thing to pop in your/your kid's lunch box during a busy week, don't you agree?

The Pot Pies are also a popular pick - a Lansi family recipe that does not fail in making mouths water and remind you of your grandmother's kitchen. 

Another area of expertise the Lansi’s do not fail to deliver on is their dessert menu, ranging from their selection of classic cakes, cream buns, to the Dutch Burgher favourites such as Bread Pudding, Pumpkin Pudding, Chocolate Biscuit Cake and of course, a cult favourite such as Chocolate Biscuit Pudding. It's all your home-baked favourites. 

Check out Lansi's Instagram for more pictures of their mouthwatering dishes, and if you see something you like, ring them at 0778627353 and place the order.

Have you tried Lansi's yet? Do let us know in the comments.

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