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Food Delivery Apps In The Pandemic Age; A Boon

7 reasons why you should opt for delivery through mobile delivery apps.

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The COVID-19 pandemic made many great revelations, including the convenience, importance and need for more mobile food delivery apps. In a time that you can't step out of the house to dine at your favourite restaurant, or to grab groceries, all due to life’s circumstances, food delivery apps are something of a godsend. 
As Sri Lanka is going through its 3rd wave of COVID-19, we thought of discussing a few prominent points that prove food delivery apps are an absolute boon to us.

Encourages Social Distancing

Social distancing is one of the most effective prevention methods against COVID-19. Maintaining at least 1m distance among each other is highly recommended in this regard. 

Many food delivery apps provide contactless delivery, promoting social distancing and minimising direct interaction with the delivery person. In here, the driver will leave your food near your doorstep/gate and you can collect it after he/she leaves. You can opt for this facility, even if you're a person in self-quarantine. For further safety, make sure that you practice these simple habits.

Ease Of Access

All you need is a smartphone to access any food delivery app. It takes only a few taps to download and install the app, and later on, to search for restaurants/dishes, order, pay and get your food delivered. 

This process is much, much better, and hassle-free, in comparison to finding a number of the restaurant and having to stay on the line to place your order. Furthermore, the food delivery apps give you the option to track your order, whenever you want. 

Delivers Food & Groceries

As soon as the lockdowns were imposed, the local food delivery apps extended their services to deliver groceries, which was a turning point for all of us. Customers who are not familiar with the food delivery apps, and even the ones who do not prefer ordering online, managed to save their day by this convenient expansion of services. 

Builds Cloud Kitchens

In order to tie up with a food delivery platform, you don't have to be a well-known, big, fancy restaurant. You can simply use your very own kitchen at home and start a cloud restaurant. As someone who orders food regularly, I can see a number of new places appearing within my radius every day, and most of them are cloud kitchens. It's a wonderful way to make some income while being in the safety and comfort of your home. 

Serves A Wide Client Base

From the simplest home baker with two kinds of chocolate biscuit pudding to five-star hotel with a Michelin star chef, the food delivery apps cover all the bases. And therefore, they offer a wide variety. Whether it be Maalu Paan, Lamprais, Pad Thai or Pizza that you crave for, these food delivery apps guarantee to have them all. 

Creates Job Opportunities

The obvious stakeholders of a food delivery app would be the delivery partners/riders and restaurant owners, but it creates many other front-end and back-end job opportunities. 

An Economy Booster

At the end of the day, food delivery apps help to keep the economy alive. They have mitigated the risk of shutting down certain restaurants and opened a whole bunch more.

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