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Foodiez on Street

Our take on Foodiez on Street.

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If you happened to go by Greenpath last weekend, we're pretty sure you already know what we're on about. If you don't, no worries, this is our rendition of how Foodiez on Street went. 

Foodiez on Street is yet another food festival in Colombo that happens on a monthly basis, and every dedicated food addict pays homage to. It's perfectly understandable, really. There's no entrance fee, the atmosphere is great, quite affordable on the wallet and they have a whole bunch of other stuff like a children's play area, Zumba, Mehendi and food-related challenges which you can win some free food. Paired with some good company, you've got yourself a pretty solid evening/day planned out. 

Getting To It

Foodiez on Street is a brilliant concoction of people, smoke, stalls, lights, music and of course food,  jam-packed into a tree-lined-closed off Green Path. And to be honest, it all adds up to be quite lovely. Even if it is raining and your hair is being a perfectly soppy mess. 

We went in the evening and because of the rain, there weren't too many people around. Which made choosing what food to get that much easier because we could see everything that was going on around. Thus, with excitement levels that would put Christmas morning to shame, we dived into the solid abyss of affordable fooding. 


We started off with the Chicken BBQ Sub (Rs. 300) from Burger Point. With deliciously soft bread and super thick cuts of freshly prepared meat, this was an absolute steal! 

Here's a picture of the making process of it. While the stuff inside was rather basic in terms of ingredients (meat, lettuce, BBQ sauce and onion), it made the whole thing so much more interesting in terms of flavour. 

Next, we went with a Honey Beef Hottie from Malli's. At Rs. 200, this was brilliant! The bread was super fresh, there was enough shredded beef soaked in their honey sauce to go for days! The spicy soft beef combined with the delicate sweetness of the sauce was essentially a party in your mouth. If you do happen to see Malli's around, we suggest getting one and never having the regret that you let it go. 

And then came the Pani Poori from Pani Poori Lovers. Crispy on the outside and filled halfway through with potatoes and tangy chutney, it was a delight. For those of you who have never actually had pani poori before, it's a savoury item with hints of sour, spicy, milky things all combined with a spiced up liquid as the final touch. Rs. 300 for 6, in my humble opinion, is a pretty solid deal. 

Then we have the Nutella Crepe from All The Batter. This, compared to all the others we got was kind of expensive at Rs. 400 - but, it was honestly worth it. The crepe was huge! With perfectly crisp edges and packed tightly with Nutella, it's impossible to finish it alone - unless if you don't mind getting some sugar rush along with it. 

Finally, we have our two mocktails from the Mocktail Bar CMB. We tried their Apple Bull and their Black Current Mocktail. Both were excellent thirst quenchers. Ice cold, fizzed up and tangy to perfection, they were refreshing as hell. Rs. 600 for both of them. 

If you are broke than your 15 year old's wallet, just download the FriMi app and get cash backs left, right and centre and eat to your heart's content famalam! We got 40% cashback this time. 


In conclusion, all we have to say is that we loved Foodiez on Street. It's a solid day of eating atrociously whilst not poking a hole in your wallet and we really really enjoyed it! 

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