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Has This Bread Gone Bad? Cause It's Green

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Visited the new BreadTalk on 33 Park Road. The place is spiffy and nice but has precious little actual baked goods in it, but that may just be for now. This is just a review of one item, the Rs. 390 Green Tea Bread, which sucks.

The best bread in Sri Lanka is paan or roast paan, which costs about Rs. 55 these days. Cannot be beat. With pol sambol and purippu it is a meal fit for kings. Besides that, there really is no posh bakery that actually produces something worth more money. Sen Saal, meh, and now BreadTalk. Whereas Sen Saal is okay, BreadTalk is actively bad, IMHO.

Take this Green Tea Bread. It looks very cool and people want to try it. The only problem is that it tastes quite bad. It's neither sweet nor savory, teetering unsatisfactorily between both. The texture also leaves much to be desired.

So far not impressed with BreadTalk at all. Looking to check out Paan Paan as a competitor.
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