Ladies' Night 2016

Who run the world? Drinks.

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Ladies Nights are a huge win-win. It generally means cheap (or free) booze for women, which is obviously huge incentive for women to come out, and thus men to follow. Being women friendly is a huge boon for drawing crowds, so take note, bars. 



1. Martini Night by rare









Rare's newest bunch of event nights are wowing us with their great value and quality. We checked out their ladies' night last Wednesday and had a fabulous night. My favourite was the Aquamarine, a mysterious concoction of gin, naarang juice, and blue curaçao. 









They have a different selection of totally free cocktails every Wednesday from 7 PM to 11:30 PM for women. Men can get in on the action too, but it's about Rs. 690 a pop. Reverse sexism for the win?





2. KAMA Colombo









Ok, Kama is definitely not one of our favourite spots in the city, but if you're planning a club night out and crowds and shoving don't bother you, this is the place to go. We haven't been there in years, but this deal looks alright. The first 40 ladies will get a free cocktail, and it's 25% off on bottles for the rest of the night after that. 





3. In on the Green









In on the Green is a cosy pub staple on that end of town. They also play host to a nice quiz night and open mic night that are pretty laidback. Their ladies' night stands out by virtue of not being on a Wednesday like everyone else's. It's 50% off every Saturday for women, from 5:30 PM onwards. They've also got live music, so yay!





4. Stella





The Hilton's dedicated karaoke pub, Stella is a better smelling, less crowded version of good old Soprano's. From 7 to 11 PM, expect 50% off on all beverages while you belt out that Beyonce.





5. Which Way West 









Every Friday from 6-10 PM, Which Way West has a unlimited flow of 3 special cocktails. They also have jams courtesy CHASE D! Their normal food menu is in full swing too, in case all that dancing gets you peckish.





Let us know if your favourite bar is doing a great happy hour too, and we'll add it!