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People in the Rain in Kandy

Kandy gets wet like no other place.

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Kandy gets wet like no other place. Actually, that's not entirely true. Kandy gets wet like any other place in Sri Lanka. Any other congested city, where people have to struggle past each other along narrow pavements crowded into by vendors, buses and tuk tuks alike. The dust becomes muddy, and clings to Bata-clad feet. The icky sensation is something you have to feel to know. Something about the rain here though, seeps right into your skin. The humidity, that must be it, and the cold. Going right into your bones, until you can't shake it off. 

Tuk tuks become both refuge

and threat.

 And a safe, dry place from which to watch.

People are forced to interact, whether to dodge each other as personal real estate expands due to umbrellas, or to apologize for not-so-gentle scrapes to your face as you pass by a commuter in a hurry.

Ultimately the rain stops, it always stops. And life goes back to sunny, with a heavy dose of humidity on the side. 

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