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Pet Friendly Cafes in Colombo

Where to take your pet to brunch.

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Cat, dog, frog, owl or rat, having a pet can be, -is a life-changing experience for anyone who decides to partake in it. 

And one of the absolute worst parts about having one is the part where you have to leave them at home every single day just to spend hours in front of a computer wondering if they miss you (they do). And even worse than that is when you have to go somewhere (where you don't necessarily have to go) to socialise. 

But, thank heavens, some blessed soul invented the idea of having pet-friendly restaurants. And so we come to the article at hand. 

Cafe Sociale 

If you're looking for a typical cafe experience for your furry (or not so furry) friend, Cafe Sociale is worthy of looking out for. With dishes that are as pretty as a picture and names of them to match, it's not everyday or everywhere that you can let your pet feel human, and this just might be the perfect option for it. 

Tayo Bear

Essentially dog/ dog lovers heaven, Tayo Bear is a cafe tucked inside Gregory's Road that is pretty much the most welcoming cafe when it comes to taking our dog to brunch day.

With a whole space and menu dedicated to your pet, Tayo Bear also happens to have a resident dog at the premises at all times. So, even if your dog ends up drenching himself in mud 2 minutes before you wanted to leave like mine did, so you have no dog to take with you, you'll still get to spend some quality time with another doggo, because quality time with any doggo is better than quality time with no doggo. 

PS: They do stellar French Toast if you're interested. 

Black Cat Café

A cafe that is said to have had cats residing there at a point in time, Black Cat Cafe is one of our favourite places in Colombo to get a homemade ginger beer and also happens to be one of the few places in the city that don't ask you to leave your pets at home.

Combined with the quality of what they serve, the ambience and the fact that they let you bring your cat numbs out the negatives in this particular instance. 

Peppermint Cafe 

Peppermint Cafe rose to stardom with the people of Colombo amidst much controversy. However, the fact that it was open 24 hours a day and it was pet-friendly are 2 of the most important factors that helped us fall in love with them. Sure, the food can be a bit steep in terms of pricing, but, hat they do, they do quite well and in large portions. Combined with a beautiful ambience, a pet-friendly menu and your pet, we'd say that it's worthy of giving a go. 

Sugar Beach 

Living in Mount can have its perks, and if you're a dog lover, things have never looked this good. Because if you're looking for a more rounded experience with your pet, we'd suggest going with Sugar Beach which is literally on the beautiful Mount Lavinia beach. 

Plus Nine Four 

A quaint spot to take your dog, Plus Nine Four offers you and your pet a solid experience of some of Colombo's finest. Almost suctioning you out of the hubbub of Colombo living, Plus Nine Four is known for its leafy ambience and brilliant food. But, there's more, it's also pet-friendly! 

Good Market (Racecourse)

The Good Market isn't a cafe per se, but it wouldn't be right to not include them on the list. Because, unlike if you'd take him/her to a cafe, taking your pet to the Good Market will come through with an abundance to pets a cooing people. So, if your doggo happens to be one of the friendlier types, why not show him/ her off here. 

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