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Places To Lunch In Nugegoda

If you are just wandering through, or whether you live and work here, here we are listing down the places you can grab…

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If you are just wandering through, or whether you live and work here or are lost and hungry, here we are listing down the places you can grab a meal when you find yourself in Nugegoda. Eating from Nugegoda is like having a sip of water from a fire hydrant - there are so many food outlets to choose from, so we are doing you a favour and narrowing it down for to our very favourites (because we are nice like that).

Harpo's Pizza

Situated in a very unassuming corner on Stanley Thillakaratne Mw, is Harpo's Pizza. It's a small space where you can either dine in or order out. Famous for their pizzas, this outlet also has an array of pastas to choose from. You can opt for one or the other. 

Garton's Ark

For something scenic and out of the ordinary, we suggest lunching at Garton's Ark. It's a little pricier than your usual lunch places but if you want to impress your clients or take your significant other for a cruise while having a meal, the Garton's Ark is your place with an international buffet lunch on Friday's. 

The Wild Wok

In the chaos of Nugegoda, you might find refuge some refuge at The Wild Wok which is a pleasant little eating spot dedicated for noodles. The ordering of your meal is an interactive process where you have to pick what makes up your meal. Interestingly it is the same process on delivery. So you get what you asked for basically.

My Burger

If thousands of grains of rice immersed in curry is not your cuppa, we suggest My Burger. My burger does some really easy on the wallet burgers to subs to wraps to rice and kottu too.

Amro Vegetarian Cafe

If you are looking for vegetarian options with a good portion of rice and curry and easy on the finances, you can go to Amro. It's a household name for people living in and about Nugegoda. Their food is flavoursome, filling and yummy. You can opt to have it delivered or you can sit and enjoy lunch right there at their outlet. They also have delicious pani-pol pancakes.

Chinese Dragon

What Chinese Dragon once was and what it is today is very different in terms of quality and flavours. But it still is a firm favourite of many. If you are passing by Nugegoda, Chinese Dragon is located on High-Level Road, in close distance to Gamsabha junction. For your Sri Lankanised version of Chinese food, you can opt to sit and eat at Chinese Dragon.

The Fab 

Fab Nugegoda, like every one of their other outlets, has an array of snacks, big and small, sweet and savoury to choose from - if a pastry or a bun is what you are opting for - they definitely have many, depending on timing. If you're really lucky, you might just be able to get their famous lamprais. You can read about our Lamprais roundup here about why Fab holds the number one position at Lamprais.

Nugegoda is also home to all your favourite fast food franchises from McDonalds to Burger King, to KFC to Pizza Hut and so many rice & curry places. There are many an eatery, all a stone's throw from one another - giving you plenty of options whenever you find yourself in this part of town.

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