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Restaurants Serving Deepavali Meals (2019)

Follow the light.

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Deepavali or Diwali, is one of the biggest and most important holidays in India, and is celebrated not only by Hindus, but Jainis and Sikhs all around the world. Celebrating the theme of the victory of light over darkness, the name of the festival is derived from the terms Deepa which means clay lamps, and vali which means row. 

One of the most exciting ways of exploring another culture is through food. Spicy pakoras, fluffy idlisdosas stuffed with potatoes and served with vibrant coconut chutney and an entire section of the table dedicated to sweetmeats; golden, oozing jalebis, milk-soaked laddus, payasam and so much more!

In this spirit of exploring cultures through food, or if you just want to catch a quick meal that caters to the spirit of the festival, well, here's a list of places in Colombo that we've compiled for you, in no particular order.


Tucked in next to Independence Square, Agra one of Colombo's high-end Indian restaurants, that serves up some superb North Indian fare. For this year's Deepavali, they have an exciting assortment of mouth-watering food lined up to make this event extra special.

They have the Hariyali Tikka as a starter, chicken smeared with an intoxicating mint paste and other distinctive flavours and cooked in the tandoor, Makai Paneer Tikki, a cutlet made out of corn kernel and cottage cheese, and of course, the North Indian Mutton Calicutt Biriyani, which is made with layers of deliciousness! 

They're available only on during Deepavali, on the 27th, so make sure you don't miss out! 


Dwaraka, in Bambalapitiya, will be providing their customers with a buffet this Deepavali for just Rs. 950! They have a wide range of North Indian and South Indian food, including soups, various starters, paneer, rice, dosas, naan and so much more.


Thalis has prepared an exclusively vegetarian buffet for you, with over 20 varieties of dishes. At Rs. 1250 per head, it's an all-you-can-eat of those crisp dosas accompanied by the spicy coconut chutney, the golden puris, and of course, rice as well. Dwaraka, having already established themselves as a quality Indian Restaurant, make sure you check them out this Deepavali. 


Chutneys is bringing to you a vast assortment of food at their dinner buffet this Deepavali. Specialising in South Indian food, Chutneys will be presenting 14 veggie dishes along with a large number of non-veg dishes as well, ranging from chicken, mutton, prawns, cuttlefish, biriyani and of course some perfectly prepared chapathis, naan or dosa to go with!


A Deepavali special fit for a queen! The Special Maharani Biriyani presented by Amaravathi comes along with a roast chicken and comes with (more) chicken, mutton and prawns. This special Biriyani is specifically prepared for Deepavali, so make sure you don't miss out.

So there you have it! If you know of any other places that are making an effort to spice things up this Deepavali, make sure you let us know down below.

Happy Deepavali everybody!

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