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Rollo - Now Serving

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Rollo!

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Ice cream has undoubtedly always been our go-to dessert and feel-good food. Just had an amazing lunch? Ice cream. You want a relishing treat to beat the heat? Ice cream. You just broke up? Ice cream. For decades this delicious delight, owing to its popularity and versatility, has secured its berth at the #1 spot, and many have attempted to add their own touch of ingenuity to make it even better. 

Rollo is the product of such innovation; the attempts of a team of young entrepreneurs who are determined to bring in their own personalised touch to the traditional scoop of ice cream that we love so much. 

Rollo has set up operations at Street Rush, Mount Lavinia and has been a welcome addition.

Their Milo Mingle has been the best selling item on the menu, and understandably! Who doesn't love eating Milo powder making sure they don't get caught to their mom who also secretly loves eating Milo powder? Now imagine a Milo infused ice cream. 

They also have a Pani Kaju Ice cream with crushed cashews, and if you're in the area on the 29th and 30th of November, make sure you use our code "yamurollo" below to get 20% off on this treat! 

They also have a host of Fruitty ice creams like the Strawberry Splash, Apple Rolls and the Mango Mash which comes with chunks of fresh fruit along with the delectable ice cream. 

All of the available delicacies are priced from Rs. 350 - Rs. 550, and considering the fact that they have some exciting options like the Rollo Rocher and the Happy Kinder (which comes with a toy!), and that they craft their own mixes, at this price range it's a steal. 

Located at Street Rush, a great place for some great grub, Rollo is an ideal spot for some great dessert and feel-good food.

They're known to provide an amazing experience and at the same time, they have also taken eco-friendly initiatives of introducing paper-cups and wooden spoons to promote environmental wellbeing.

For more information feel free to contact them via the channels provided below. 

Hotline -  0777 14 13 76

Facebook -

Instagram: @rolloicecream

Address - Street Rush, 293 Galle Rd, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia 10350

Business hours - 03.00pm - 11.00pm

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