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Setting Up A Cloud Kitchen; 9 Important Tips

Starting a cloud kitchen? Here are some tips!

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As the pandemic broke out last year, we've seen a massive spike in home-based cloud kitchens. Many incredible treats have come out of them, from cakes, chutneys and baklava to lamprais, maqlooba and ice cream. It's quite diversified now, which actually shows the extended, true potential of the domestic food business. 
So, if you're someone who's planning to feed the city with your yummy food cooked in the comfort of your home, these 9 tips will definitely come in handy for you.

Be Unique

Remember the Pol Roti, Pork and Kochchi Pol Sambol trend? It's still there, but not as much as it used to. In the beginning, there were only a couple of them, and suddenly, the whole Colombo was doing it. A few of them still do a wonderful job at it, but the majority is quite average.

Don't get me wrong; it's a brilliant combination of flavours that one would not get sick of, but you need to add some significant quality to your business. What makes your offering more appealing to the customer, than the vendor next to you?

Therefore, think different. Be unique. Think of a killer product rather than settling for something widely available and generic. 

Know Your Strong Suit

As you think of a product to put on the market, consider your strong suit. It could easily be a dish that you've already mastered. For example, if your yellow rice is better than ghee rice, pick the former, rather than having a mix of every rice that you can try in the kitchen. That helps your venture to have a well-focused menu, too.

Steady Supply Of Ingredients

Let's say that you're creating a truly authentic ramen-focused cloud kitchen. It would require you to opt for various imported ingredients. With the ongoing pandemic, delays are expected in importing certain ingredients, which might lead you to put some dishes on hold.

The unavailability of items isn't a good vibe to give off to your customer. Plus, the steady supply of ingredients will ensure the consistent quality and flavour of your food. Therefore, it's important to have backup suppliers to keep things going without any interruption.

Create A Buzz On Socials 

You don't have to wait until your business is fully functional to create your social media channels. As you finalise the initial work for your venture - its name, focus and menu, set up your socials and start posting. Make sure to post good quality pictures, because customers often eat with their eyes first. You don't necessarily have to hire a photographer for this, but use the resources you've got as best as you could, and no stock images, please! 

Send Out Samples

Send out a few samples to your friends and family, and get their honest feedback. Many brands have been using the influencer market to promote their products, too. Last but not least, you can reach out to us! We'd be more than happy to help out, to point out the areas of improvements (if there are any), or simply to give a shoutout on our socials. It'd have a good effect on strengthening your brand's presence in social media as well. 

Accept Constructive Criticism

Whether it comes from a family member, friend, influencer, or unbiased reviewer, constructive criticism helps you to grow. They'd open up your eyes to different angles, diversified perspectives and new avenues.

Be Online

Customers like approachable, friendly, helpful vendors. Simple as it may seem, being responsive to queries sent by customers through the communication channels can influence their buying choices. If you take days to respond to their messages/inquiries, they might lose interest and turn to someone else. 

Adhere To The Proper Hygiene Guidelines

It's not just COVID-related health guidelines, but also the generic hygiene measurements - from keeping clean hands and avoid touching nose, mouth, hair and skin during food preparation to wearing hair restraint and disposable gloves while handling food. 

Implement The Online Ordering

In the age of pandemic, the new norm is delivery. You can do it through a mobile delivery app, a courier service, or simply, on your own if you have the capacity. We recently ordered from Crab Tales, and their delivery happens through a dedicated tuk. The Burning Bird by Bavarian German Restaurant lets you arrange a PickMe Flash to deliver the food. There are many such convenient options. 

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