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Sinhala Boot Songs For This Valentine's

11 boot songs for this valentine's.

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One thing we've noticed is that whenever you swear, pick a bone with someone, there's a significant difference when someone does so in English and your mother tongue. You can be as creative as possible with your insults in English, but a few colourful Sinhala words strung together leaves a much mightier sting. 

Valentine's Day is almost upon us and this is exactly why we've decided to compile this list of Sinhala Boot Songs!

You can spend your day listening to You Are The Reason or Still Into You, but if you want to revel in an even deeper realm of nostalgia or heartbreak, here are a few of our picks, that you'll be able to relate to more (in no particular order). 

Side Note: Not all of these are designed to break your heart, many amongst these deliver that blow of sadness while infusing a humorous aspect. There is a plethora of Sinhala Boot Songs to choose from, so if you'd like to add to this list, please feel free to leave them in the comments below!

1. Kiya Ganna Bari Wu Preme

2. Missed Call

3. Katta Kaala Daagaththu

4. Lokayen Yamu

5. Haiya Mage Hitha

6. Ayeth Rawatenne Na

7. Thanikama Huru Denetha Pura

8. Waradi karala Oya Samada

9. Wedi Warusa

10. Hadawatha Gahena

11. Mathaka Amathakailu

Side Note: Here's an extra video that has a similar energy to the above songs!

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