Taste-Off: Our Top 5 Cupcakes

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Cupcakes! Do they need an introduction? We suspect the cupcake movement in Colombo began about three years ago when it was just a few home-bakers, but it's pretty mainstream now and you can get some almost anywhere in the city.


But who does it best? We sampled some of the most popular cupcake bakers out there and came up with a list for you guys. The taste-off was just another typical hard day at work - all those pretty cupcakes seated on the table, waiting to be eaten. At the end of the day, we were done with cupcakes for the rest of the year! (Just kidding, we had some the next morning, because shameless gluttony.)

We judged the cupcakes based on price, size, icing, cake and presentation (although Confucius once said never judge a cupcake by its looks). We focused on chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Before we get started, do keep in mind that this is pretty subjective (as are all reviews) and regardless of our ranking, all the bakers below are some of the favoured ones in Colombo.

Divine cupcakes, unfortunately, did not make the cut. The cake wasn't that tasty, the frosting plenty but dry, and they looked very old-school, like the stuff our aunties made in the 90s. These are pretty affordable though at Rs. 100.

Munchkin's weren't incredible either - the cake was rather dry and the icing on the chocolate cupcakes was generously coupled with sprinkles, but that did little to make it taste better. They're a bit pricey too, at Rs. 130-200.

#5 Cakery

Price: Rs. 130 Contact: 0772 974 726


We will give Cakery full props for presentation. They always make big, beautiful cupcakes, and are very generous about icing (the vanilla and chocolate cupcakes aren't in the picture above). The cupcakes were not bad, not so impressive taste-wise, although from experience we think their chocolate ganache tastes better freshly served at their outlet in Jawatte Road.

#4 Cake Factory

Price: Rs. 135-150 Contact: 0777 382 510

cake factory

Cake Factory cupcakes are very pretty and neat, and the frosting looks beautiful and appetizing. The cake was soft and fresh, long after we ordered them down, and we think they're among the best where cake quality is concerned. The chocolate cupcakes were good.

#3 A&M

Price: Rs. 130 Contact: 072 244 2244

a and m

These guys are way more accessible than some of the others on the list, because they've got a shop on Galle Road as opposed to a home oven. The cupcakes are tasty, with soft, delicious looking icing - the chocolate trumps the vanilla. (Bhagya's note: Chocolate cupcake fans should go for these guys because they've got the best chocolate ganache frosting, they use actual chocolate in it rather than just cocoa powder.) 

#2 Ice & Easy

Price: Rs. 85-95 Contact:  0771 960 963

ice and easy

We loved Ice & Easy for two reasons: 1. They are so deceptively unimpressive-looking (you don't expect much) but then you find that they're actually quite tasty, and in a simple unassuming sort of way (creamy icing, soft cake) 2. They cost less than Rs. 100 which is a big deal judging by usual cupcake rates. Not a huge difference between the chocolate and vanilla cakes but these guys are definitely one of the very good cupcake bakers in the city - price considered, ideal for party orders. They have the best vanilla frosting from our list.

#1 Sits

Price: Rs. 100 Contact: 0777 730 793

All hail the Queen of the cupcake! We saved Sits' for last during the taste-off because we've been told these ones knock the ball right out of the park. And they did, though they looked quite ordinary. While tasting the other cupcakes we made a few comments and struggled a bit to decide which was better than the other - but one bite of Sits' cupcakes, both chocolate and vanilla, and we just knew we had a winner. Without a doubt, probably the best you can get - it had been a while since they were delivered, but the cake was still so soft and the frosting plenty, creamy and delicious. Plus they're no more than Rs. 100 a piece so yay for that.

Update: We've made a more comprehensive round-up of Colombo's bakers here