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The Great Biscuit War - Munchee Vs. Maliban

A taste-off of our favourite everyday biscuits.

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It's here.

The taste off that you've all been waiting for. 

Probably, the hardest one we've done. 

Okay, we may be exaggerating a bit here. It's not that hard and we highly doubt you've been waiting for this. Nonetheless, since we've done taste-offs on almost every food imaginable, why not do biscuits. Right?

7 types of biscuits. 2 contenders, Munchee vs Maliban. 

Let the carbing begin!


The world is divided into 2 distinct categories. Those of whom who like Gold Marie and the ones who like Tikiri Marie. 

Packaging: In terms of packaging, like every other aspect of these two particular biscuits, they're very different. While Munchee aims for all ye folk with a colourful imagination AKA kiddos, Munchee holds on to nostalgia to sell their product. Then again, I, personally like the Munchee packaging more just because it reminds me of the advertisements. Good times. SEE! Nostalgia sells.

Taste: While Tikiri has a strange smokiness to it, Gold is a tad milkier than the prior. Nonetheless, putting Tikiri Marie into CBP is an utter disaster and Maliban is a wonderful choice at that. Plus, it's less sweet, so it goes nicely with yoghurt (yep! try it and let us know how good it tastes!) and tea, thus, Maliban gets this one.

Chocolate Biscuit

We all probably know who's gonna win this, right?

Packaging: Again, Munchee aims for them adults with their oddly sensual 'biscuit falling into a pool of melted chocolate' theme while Maliban reaches (more subtly that before) for the kids with their stars and shiz. We're gonna be honest, none of them impressed us. Maliban used to have a beautiful packet that spoke to every 90's kids childhood. Now, all we see is a stranger. 

Taste: In terms of taste, we're straight up going to say that Maliban gets this. Having lots of chocolate cream to make us happy, it's been and will always be a childhood favourite. We don't know why, but the Munchee tastes oddly dry and artificial for some reason. Plus, Maliban feels like it has more chocolate content. Bliss! 


Now for the Bounty of biscuits, Nice. 

Packaging: Munchee is the OG on this. With a fancy carnival vibed exterior and one of the pillars of our childhood, the naughty unath nice fellow - our hats go out to Munchee on this one. 

Taste: The Maliban Nice is a tad sweeter than the Munchee Nice, but it has a high note on coconutty content. Which, the Maliban one lacks. Aside from that, they pretty much taste the same. But, we're gonna have to give this one to Munchee. 

Cream Crackers

Here's where things get a tad tense.  

Packaging: Both companies have stayed true to themselves on this. Yes, Munchee has had some minor tweaks here and there, but, it resembles the same old packet all our grandparents make us bring when we come over. Compared to the Maliban, Munchee has a more Sri Lankan vibe to it, so, we're gonna go with Munchee.

Taste: Munchee has a slight savouriness to it, which, the Maliban has converted to a slight sweetness and we like it a bit more. It's no difference to rave about, but, it's still the difference, and a good one. Thus, we give this one to Maliban. But still, we no have no reason to hate Munchee cracker. 

Ginger biscuit

Packaging: When comparing these two particular packages, you're more likely to get the Munchee. Maybe it's just me, but, the quirky, 'Peter Andre- Mysterious Girl' vibed packaging from Munchee calls us out again. 

Taste: With sharper gingery kicks and enough sugar to go for days, it did indeed fix our mood (I'm sorry, we had to). Nonetheless, Maliban was also brilliant in terms of being more of a doughy biscuit, but, we're still gonna go with Munchee because of its strong inguru flavour.

Chocolate Puff 

Packaging: We already know who wins this one. Staying true to the guy riding the motorcycle, the Munchee Chocolate Puff has not changed. Not.Even.Slightly! A tad messy with a really strange brown, the Maliban calls no one, unfortunately. 

Taste: Ayy, this is more of a tie. While the Maliban Choc Puff had a lot more chocolate cream going on, the biscuit wasn't altogether appealing. The Munchee, on the other hand, had a wonderfully crumbly biscuit with a filling lacking chocolate (in comparison to Maliban) and just the right amount of sugar. Yeet.

Lemon Puff

Packaging: This one is tough. The Munchee has a wonderfully clean vibe to it, Maliban calls out to the Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland in us. Quirky text, leaves and a background bright enough to blind anyone, we like it. Finally, the packaging goes to Maliban. 

Taste: On this particular case, we really can't choose. Maliban smelt and actually tasted like lemon but had a rather tough biscuit. The Munchee, on the other hand, had a lovely, buttery, crumbly biscuit and just not-very-lemony cream in the middle. SIGH! So, we are considering this as a tie. 


Well, we can't really pick a favourite brand out of the two, because both of them had their hits and misses in terms of packaging and flavour. But we know one thing for sure - we're not looking at a packet of any biscuit for the next few weeks. 

We bid adieu till next time. Bye! [Ed note we're saying our goodbyes now because we'll probably die by next morning due to biscuit/carb/sugar overdose.]

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